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Good things come to those who wait

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Our firm recently hired a woman who has been causing nothing but problems for our group, and she told me that she was "coming after my job."

I was really busy today so I didn't see much of her. However, mid-afternoon I needed some information from her but she wasn't at her desk. I asked her whereabouts and found out that had I been there 5 minutes earlier, I would have seen security walk her out of the office, as she was just fired. For the rest of the day, I kept hearing the munchkins sing "ding dong the wicked witch is dead."

Sorry, I know it's not very nice of me to be celebrating while she loses her job, but I simply can't help myself. Kharma, sometimes it'll either kiss you on the mouth or bonk you on the head
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There is nothing wrong in finding pleasure in her termination! I hope your boss will learn to appreciate you and give you that extra 1k that you deserve!
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Well thats good news for you. If she wasn't good for the workplace, then good riddance!
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Sometimes I wish that would happen more in life! Sometimes I wonder when things will come around for others who deserve it! I'm glad that she is gone if she was such a burden on everyone else.
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What in the world gets into some people? She told you she was coming after your job?

Some people insist on seeing everything in life as a great big competition. I just don't get it.
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She actually said she was coming after you job?? Oh, them is fighting words!! (That is a correct sentence in west virginia ) Just be glad you didn't have to drop kick her and the company did it for you!
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I am a firm believer in the theory Good things come to Those who wait, and over the years this has been proven time and time again in my life.
It is always uplifting to see it at work in other's lives as well.
Good riddance to her she certainly seems to have gotten what she deserved.
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good riddance to bad rubbish I say! Glad your office has lost the gloom she spread in it.
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I remember well after mgmt announced our office was closing that I think my supervisor (who I had issues with) knew the re-organization wasn't good for him so he one day resigned!! It was such a relief to me that he was gone!!
I know how you feel-I hope your work group gets better now!
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