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Blackcats new home

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Hi! i'm new to the forum and am looking for advice to a cat problem i have. I've had cats for the last 29 years. My wife and i would each select a new pet after our old feiends passed on. Because of nature we would end up with a very young cat and a adult 4 to 5 years older. The cats always adjusted to each other. All cats were adopted from the humane society all muts, very sweet anamials. For the last 6 weeks a beautiful black cat had been hanging around our house. We live in the north and winter was giving us our last reminder when i couldn't take it any more and went outside and after 2 hours got blackcat to come to me. I got her into a kitty cage and brought her into the house. After trying to find the owners we finally gave up and decided to take here to the vet to have claws removed and spayed. A few days after i brought her home i decided to introduce her to her new friends which she proceeded to trounce. We seperated them until stitches and 10 days had passed and tryed again and again she attacked the other cats. We have tried the seperation with sniffing under the door etc. We spend different times with each pet. Blackcat is the most loving cuddlebug i have ever seen. We hate to give her up but feel a strong obligation to our two other cats. Looking for understanding
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Decisions like this are tough. I was not going to reply to this at first, but decided I would be wrong. You see, I am VERY much against removing an animals claws. I feel it is an easy way out of training and cruel to the animal. Now you have a cat that may be aggressive and bite more because of it. It makes it even more difficult to find a lifetime home this way. However, you did take a stray in and want to make it work. She is going to need you more now than ever to find her an inside only home. Maybe there's a senior living in the area who would like just one companion.
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People need to do their homework before they go doing stupid things like mutilating their pets like you just did. You will get no understanding from me. I just hope and pray that someone will take this poor cat in and give it the love and compassion it deserves that it didn't get from you.

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Donna and Sadie
Maybe looking for understanding is the wrong wording. I thought this forum was to give feed back maybe insights to situations that may have been similiar to mine. Opinions relating to declawing and neutering is not what i seek and are subjective anyway. If anyone has had experience with introducing a stray into a multi cat household i would appreciate it.
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I, for one, am sorry you received such a rude reception here. I don't know how it helps your new-found cat. I'm no expert on feline introductions, but there are a few board members here who know what they're doing in that regard; and I hope they'll help you.

De-clawing of cats is something which became popular here in the U.S.A. decades ago; and although I don't subscribe to that practice I'm not going to raise it to the level of an over-arching issue when responding to an appeal for help.

Why not seek the advice of a veterinarian? Perhaps you've done so already; and if so, you're just going to have to stick with that protocol until your cats adjust to one another. Please don't turn the black cat out of doors!

Since you've given cats a home over the past 29 years, I've nothing but respect for your caring attitude in that regard. I'm rather stunned by the responses to your appeal for help. Best wishes to you!

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mepearl53 whatever you do please don't let Blackcat back outside. Without her claws she has no way to defend herself against any threat she may encounter out there. Over time she will get used to your other cats, so hang in there! If not, then try and find her good owners who don't have any other cats and are willing to work with her to make her feel comfortable.
Good luck with Blackcat, whatever you decide to do!
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Thanks Mr Cat and Illusion for your responces. Blackcat WILL NOT be let outside. Although customs vary from reagion to region my wife and I have always removed the claws from our cats. These have beem house cats through out their lives. With the way I have seen people treat their anamials and others treat them I would no more subject a cat to an urban setting than I would a blind person to a New York city street corner. Although our practice would not be humane to a outdoor cat it has saved thousands of dollors in damage to our home furnishings medical bills and vet bills. I think those of us who wish to maintain a cat as a house pet should insure their safety as we would our own children which most of us probably do or there wouldn't be this website. But now that we are here as a forum there must be a wealth of information and experience we can share in ways of helping cat people with problems that they might have experienced. I for one have 29 years of dealing with the multiple personalities only we as cat people understand. Having 18 cats in the past years in sure that you would agree that everyone of them were different. Which brings me back to blackcat aka Josie. Best cat i ever met. We will work this out just looking to maybe a similiar experience. Thanks
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I'm also new to the forum and I also do not believe in de-clawing, but I'm shocked at how aggressive a reply you received. You were right - you were asking for advice on the socialization aspect, not whether "we" condoned de-clawing.

The only suggestion I can make is patience and love for Josie - and of course ensure the other 2 cats don't feel neglected.

Good luck.
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One thing to be borne in mind, regarding de-clawing, is this question: "If it's harmful to cats, why do veterinarians perform de-claw surgery?" My take on this, having worked at several veterinarys, is that veterinarians do it for money — period. Any veterinarian is perfectly capable of eschewing cat de-clawing, but in the U.S.A. they don't.

If the profession of veterinary medicine in the U.S.A. carries on the practice of de-clawing cats, who are we to lay blame on one individual — especially one who has taken in otherwise-doomed cats (not posh breeder cats) for three decades?

I'm not agreeing with the practice of cat de-clawing, but am rather asking that blame be put where it belongs: at the scene of the surgery. I admire you, Me Pearl 53, for rescuing all those cats from certain death!

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MePearl53; Welcome! To get to the issue of socialization; you have tried isolation and gradual introduction, I see. Have you tried letting the cats smells mingle? By this I mean put a towel or piece of a blanket where Josie sleeps for a couple of nites and then move it to where the others sleep at the same time doing the same thing with something that your older cats have slept with. Also including a pillowcase, etc. that you and your wife have slept with will help the new cat and the others to recognize that the smell of those who befriend them is also with the new cat. Does this make sense? I think the agression in Josie will temper itself with time as she gets over the uncertainty of her new surroundings and forgets the smells of the clinic where she was spayed, etc. Please continue to let us know how it goes. Threeleggedkat
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I think everyone should remember that most of us here at the catsite are so against declawing that the mention of it turns our stomachs. To reply or have to read about somebody taking a cat to mutilate it is too much to sit back and not respond in any way they feel appropriate. If you seek out an educated opinion on what you should do with you biting and attacking cat, you must first understand why your cat is behaiving this way. It is cruel and lazy to not train a cat, and even worse to declaw an animal you have no intentions of keeping.

I suppose you will read harsh responces forever here on people writing in to say they declawed an animal. I for one am not sorry for the harsh responces you received. If it can get one person to stop, think and do the research that is worth it to me.
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I, too, am surprised by the rude responses you received. Does everyone on the site wish that he did not take the cat in? Do you all wish that the cat was left outside to produce many litters of more unwanted kittens who would have been left to fend for themselves as strays and produce yet more unwanted kittens? Sit back and please think about the good thing that was done by taking in Josie.
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It is very clear you people who are using the word responses in the plural form did not read my whole post. I expressed my oppinion which I beleive is my right. I did state, "However, you did take a stray in and want to make it work."
There are a lot of what if's out there. What if he had just taken her in and spayed and released her. It is always a great thing when someone takes an unwanted animal in. I can't say it is great to remove a piece of their bodies. Had the question of making the situation work been stated in the post, I would have answered it gladly. "looking for understanding" is something different.
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Thought I'd stay out of this but, then decided to put in my two cents worth. I realy do not approve of declawing cats but, if that works for you then I'm not going to criticize. I know many people don't approve of letting cats outside but, we have always had inside-outside cats and I feel they are happier that way. We currently have a 16yr. old, 13yr. old etc down to a 2yr. old (11 total) so the idea that indoor-outdoor cats do not live long lives does not hold true in all cases. Anyhow, what I'm getting at is: Welcome to the cat-site and thanks for taking in a stray that otherwise might have died outside in the cold. Please don't judge all of us by the harsh responses of some.
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mepearl....I sincerely want to apologize for the reply you got to your post that was considered rude. I know Donna meant well....she loves cats so much, and sometimes she has some bad days, but doesn't mean to come across the way she does sometimes. Please don't take offense or leave us....we DO understand your dilema, and you did what you thought was best....everyone has their own opinions, but noone should say what is right or wrong in each persons cercumstance. Had you been here longer, you might have seen how we feel about declawing, and the reasons we feel that way, and might have thought twice about it....but you are new here, and that is what we, as older members are here to do...help. and explain why we think things are wrong or right...not attack you for what you did.

Donna....if you read this...please don't be angry with me....you know I love you dearly...but your response was a bit harsh, hun. And I don't want to lose members. There is a way to educate people without offending them.
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Okay, I walked off (so to speak) over the way this matter was handled. But I'm back. And the reason I'm back is that Blue, Donna and Three-Legged Kat convinced me (though they diplomatically avoided putting it in so many words) I'd be a big jerk to just stomp off over this disagreement. They're right! I'm sorry to have abandoned ship in the midst of a stormy sea, but I couldn't stay away. Silly me. I'm here for the duration.


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Oh boy, I was sleeping in peace the whole night long and woke up to this...

Okay - I think we need to discuss some possible rules for the forum. I will start a new thread in the lounge - as this one is way off topic.

mepearl53, as for the original question. Well, it really belongs in the behavior forum... There are quite a lot of posts there about getting a new cat into a multi-cat household.

If you click on this long URL, you'll get the search results for introducing cats. You'll find tons of info there.

I would appreciate it if you start a new thread in the behavior forum to let us know how things are going and to discuss things further.

One more thing - I guess this is a touchy issue with you by now, but could you please read this and follow some of the links:

I know of several members who have changed their mind about declawing because of this thread.

Thank you - hope you stick around and welcome!
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MePearl53: Please try my suggestions for helping Josie get used to the other cats and vice/versa. Let me know how it goes. TLK
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Got your note sorry to keep you up not the intended purpose. When i signed up the first forum said to come in and introduce yourself which i did. Maybe someone should have suggested i move to the correct area so this will be the last post in the lounge. It's almost like the anamial farm with all the opinions based on personified viewpoints. The pictures in the link you sent were very upsetting of the declawing very similiar the the disturbing information i've viewed in the right to life movement. I'm also sure we have seen on the various media links the horrors surrounding the cosmetic surgery industry. To declaw or not to declaw that is the question. I am both pro life and pro choice, i do not believe in cosmetic surgery (plastic when necessary) to make one seem more appealing or feel goodish. In other words everyone has to make their own decisions, there choise. An objective forum is all came to this site for but there seems to be weighting on one side more that the other. I hope we can keep the politics centered so all can join in.
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Whew.....I didn't even want to touch this one only because I fear that you've received quite enough input. I would just like to welcome you, please stay, we are very good people here. There's so much to learn from each other too.
God Bless You
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