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~New Rescue Came In Today and He's a WHOPPER~

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~Okay so most that know me know although I take in cats I mainly run a dog rescue....with risky breeds. Well today...right in the middle of me moving I get a call from a family in another state who are moving into an apartment where they cannot take their Pit Bull. He is 4 years old...and they have had him all his life. He is a sweetheart but they were going to take him to the shelter where more than likey he would have been put down because of his age and breed. So introducing Splash....he is a red and white Rednose Pit Bull....95 lbs.....a BIG ol baby...so who here is looking for a NEW FOUND FRIEND HAHA????~

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He is so handsome! I love the baby kiss in the bottom pic!
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Yes baby Jack got a mouth full of tongue in that picture haha....I am wondering if Splash doesnt have some if not alot of American Bulldog in him considering his size and markings etc. He looks quite a bit like an American Bulldog and its not often I come across full blooded Pit Bulls in this size! He sure is a sweety. I wish I could keep them all but as long as I help them find new homes....awesome homes that is good enough for me...then on to rescuing the NEXT big baby!
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He is a BIG, handsome boy!!
Congrats on the new addition!
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Awww he is tempting...lol.. I love bullys ..
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I was about to say he looked like an Am Bull mix with that huge head.
He certainly is a handsome guy.
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aww hes a handsome fella - and a big 'un too - will it be hard to get him re-homed
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omg!!! he is adorable!!!!!! We need more pictures!!!! I love pitties!!!!!!!! he does look like he's got a bit of bull dog in him as well though! whatever he is - he's handsome!!!
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awww ! looks like a larger version of my little girl Boo! I had to rehome her (they lied and told me she got along with cats, she wanted to eat them!) She went to a very good home though & I get updates!!!
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He sure is a cutie! I would say he looks like an American Bulldog as well. A Lot of people call anything bully a "pit bull" but apbts are not supposed to be over 50lbs I don't think. I wish you luck in finding him a great home!
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