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need some advice ASAP.

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well im a bit worried about fluffy , the sournding area of her nipples looks sore , the only way to explain it is like really bad dry skin that has been constantly scratched. dosnt seem like their is an infection there , there is no hardness or heat comming from any of the nipples ,or any swealing. but it does seem to be a bit of a discomfort when the kittens are nursing and looks very raw.
normally im all for taking to the vets asap if im worried , and this will sound so bad but i had a major bill to pay today so im skint untill next week friday.(dont worry i have there food a month in advance) in case of any unexpected bills, but i had to pay more then expected.
so i really want to know if there is anything i can put on her that wont agravate it untill i can get her to the vets , and also have you heard of this happening before?
please dont think bad of me.
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We aren't going to think bad of you, things come up sometimes Your showing that your a good meowmy by caring that this is happening, and by posting a question on TCS about it! Is there a vet that will let you bring the cat in to get checked and then you can just pay it when you get paid? I don't really know what else to tell you, but I'm sure someone with great advice will come along and help Keep us updated! Things will get better...
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I'm sorry... I read your post, but I don't know.

Maybe it's because of the nursing and is common? Might just be that she's overgrooming because the skin is dry? It's been a long time since I've had a litter of kittens here.
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thanx all for the advice, i was going to try a bit of vasline , but i dont want to do anything that will make things worse. i will phone up my vets and see if they will see her and ask no beg if i can pay next friday, if not i will try a few others. or if they dont maybe they know something i can maybe rub on them untill i can get her down to them.
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Actually, if you call them usually they'll give you a bit of advice over the phone. Some will just say bring her in, we need to look at her, but often vets will say, you know, keep an eye on it, put some neosporin (or something else) on it.. but in your case, don't use the neosporin, since the kitties are still nursing? Definitely call them, though.. especially if it's a vet you use often or regularly.
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Yeah, maybe even instead of bringing her in... just call up your usual vet and ask him what he thinks you could put on there. Then you wouldn't have to pay anything.. if it doesn't improve after trying that (whatever it may be) Then bring her in to see the actual vet

(Heather- I swear me and you were typing at the exact same time, because I didn't see your thread until I already sent mine. Great minds think alike )
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Bag balm, which is lanolin & petroleum, is safe to use on animals.
I would probably try to gently wipe it off before they nurse though.
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its ok i phoned up the EM vets as its am in the morning. they have told me not to use anything on her just incase because of the kittens nursing , i can use warm water and bathe her to ease the pain and redness. they dont think its anything to worry about from what i described , and they said unless it gets worse then i can wait untill friday. thanx all .
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Let us know how she's doing! and anti-itchy good healing vibes heading your way!
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aww Tasha - those kitties of yours certainly keep you on your toes

Give Fluffy some chin scritches for us as soon as those babies have stopped nursing I am sure she'll have beautiful soft 'buttons' again
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thanx all , well it dosnt look as sore this morning , im batheing her underneath after each feeding, just to ease it a little.
pregnancy really hasnt agreed with her though , her coat is dull and rugged looking , i cant waite for them to stop nursing and shes spayed to get her back to her old self.
the kittens are all between 81/2oz to 10oz , even though they have been slower on weight gain then others iv had they are all starting to play fight and trying to run lol. and all have nice little full tums.
im a bit worried about one of them who i called wobbles for the simple fact he hardley has any control over his little head, he will turn it one way and it will kinda swing side to side. so gonna see how he goes.
i got it wrong as well , 2 males and 2 females but i swear all had the boy bits when born , maybe swealing? but i started thinking that 2 of them had such a girly face , and it turns out they are girls lol.

a bit of topic , anne and candy went to their new homes this morning, so far things are going great , and stripes seems to be ok without mum being here at the moment.
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post

a bit of topic , anne and candy went to their new homes this morning, so far things are going great , and stripes seems to be ok without mum being here at the moment.

aww I hope that went OK - how ya feeling
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you know , happy that they have a great home , but was very upsetting (selfish) but it never gets easy. with any luck there will be no more pregnant mammas and kittens come my way at least this year anyway.
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aww Tasha, well at least you know they are going to be OK, they were certainly sent off with lots of love and care, you do great jobs with them all
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