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Litter training an older cat

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Okay so Kalli is inside the house now and has been since saturday (she was a farm cat but was brought inside to have babies). I have been trying to get her to go in the litterbox but she won't . Every othe rcat i've had just go in the litterbox by instinct or something. even the cats i've had that arent kittens . so i really dont understand why she doesnt . i mean i've moved it thinking that maybe she likes a different spot for it, but that doesnt work eiter. and before she had babies she would meow at the door to go out, and for fear of her pooping/peeing i would let her out, and she would do her buisiness and then come back to the door. so i really dont want ot let her out anymor e, and right now we are in the middleof a big storm, so does anyone have any ideas on how to train her????
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Well, I've never actually had to go through this situation personally. But I can give you some advice on what I WOULD do, if I had to.

Have you been keeping her in a small isolated room at all? I think I would try that, that way she KNOWS that the bathroom for her is the kitty litter box. I don't think I would be letting her roam the house until it's settled! She's been used to going wherever she pleases, so this is a new thing to her... just as it is to you

I actually think this topic has been brought up before, but I just can't seem to find it. Oh, here's one... this may help:

I did want to show you some other threads to take a look at, it's about litter training. Even though your training an older cat, you can still use some of these tips on her If you get a moment just skim over them and see if anything here can help you

Inappropriate peeing or pooping:

Just because she was an outside cat, I truly feel that she can become a good inside cat that's litter trained! It won't take long, you just need to have a little patience Keep us posted!
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It should be instinctive, she might just be being stubborn. Do you have potted plants and such she can reach? She might resort to using those instead. You might just have to let her know that that is an acceptable place to go - if you have another cat, "seed" the litterbox with a bit of poo or a clump of pee to make it smell like the toilet.

Otherwise, perhaps you could enclose her in a smallish room, like the bathroom, for instance, until she decides to go? If you're around when she does, praise and treats might work.

Also, there are litters like Cat Attract that are supposed to encourage litterbox use, though those are usually for cats who are eliminating inappropriately, so I don't know if those would work in your case or not.

As far as placement goes, probably a mostly secluded spot out of the way will be more encouraging for use than a box out in the open...I'm sure others will have a lot more practical advice too! Good luck!
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Thanks, i'l have to check those sites out.
Shes in her own room by herself, thats small, with no potted plants in it. I have keishaas litter box but its clean right now...
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Originally Posted by Keisha View Post
Thanks, i'l have to check those sites out.
Shes in her own room by herself, thats small, with no potted plants in it. I have keishaas litter box but its clean right now...
Maybe you should give each cat their own kitty litter box. Maybe it's just that it smells like a different cat. I don't know. Just keep trying until you find something that works, I know it will be OK!
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No they each do have their own litterbox i meant that i have keishas litter box to get poop from but its clean. sorry if i wasnt clear on that one
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It's really difficult for a barn cat to transfer from being wild, following instincts, etc to being an indoor cat. If you intend on making her one, I would suggest she goes outside for atleast half of the day (if she wants to).

Congrats on the babies! I would not use Keisha's litterbox, it must still smell like her. Take an old rubbermaid container or a shoebox (an extra litterpan if you have it) and fill it with dirt from the outside. The litter may smell unfamiliar to her, and she's used to going in dirt. I would suggest keeping her in a room that has hard floors (linoleum, tile, wood, etc.) because she is much less likely to go on this than carpet. keep the litterbox close to where her babies are and where her food and water is. It's the easiest place to go, so she'll figure it out. Then when she starts going regularly in there, I would let her start to roam the house, but keep the litterbox where it is for now. In a couple weeks you can move it and show her where it is. Good luck!
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Shes not using Keisha litter box or an old one of hers, its brand new. And just hers.... She has vinal (sp?) flooring in her room right now.(and shes in there with just her and her kittens) I'll try the dirt tomorrow, can i use like potting soil instead, becuase right now the ground is complete mud.. I have like miracle grow.. or would that be bad for her? I dont really want to let her outside, because even though shes a good mother i would hate to have her leave and not come back, i mean i dont want ot have to end up bottle feeding 7 babies.. that would be pretty horrible..
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I think Miracle-Gro is safe but I'm not sure how appealing it is to her. Is there an area, like under a truck or trailer or in the barn, that is dry?
I really do doubt that she would run away and leave her babies. Only really young, first-time, slightly psychotic wild cats have ever done that to me. And like I said, it's a difficult and stressful situation for her. I would gradually let her become an indoor cat.
Out of curiosity, where did she have the babies? If she is a barn cat, why not let her raise the babies in a familiar area? Unless you don't have a place that is safe from night predators that is outside... Anyway. I would let her go outside, I am sure she will come back. Leave the door slightly ajar so she can come back in when she likes, maybe?
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She had her babies in the house. And shes completly used to being inside and loves it. Since I gradually got her used to being in here. I guess the barn might besafe but Luke(my dog is a jrt so i dont trust him aroudn them since he is bred to eat rats). Imight beable to find somedry dirt, i'll have tolook around... I think this is her first time having babies because she had nooo idea what to do at all.
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Do you know where she goes when she's outside? If you could find some of her own poop to "seed" the box with, that might work better. Also, anytime she asks to go out, you might pick her up and take her to the litterbox... or, if she doesn't like being picked up, maybe you could bring the litterbox to her, right there by the door. You can even set her down in it and scratch at the litter to demonstrate. Once she gets the idea, she'll probably accept it.

I wouldn't use potting soil, especially not with fertilizer in it... it won't smell the same as outside soil, anyway, and it probably would be harmful to her.

Good luck!
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What I would try is some outdoor soil layered over the litter you want her to use. Like an inch of litter and 2 inches of soil. Place her in the pan and gently move her front paws in a stratching motion for a couple of seconds. If she shows interests, praise her. If she decides to use the pan, gradually reduce the soil until you are down to just litter. It will be messy, but it could work.

Have you tried different types of litter? Some cats are choosy about scents/texture.
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