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Yvonne Goes On was a winner!

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Yay! I am so proud of this!!!!

I guess not everyone will understand this story but, the horse that was dedicated in my mom's memory has won her first race (she came in second but to me,....that's great news!)

Anyways....I guess she is off to Kentucky for the winter. She will be racing out there.

*sigh* It seems strange to be sentimental about a horse but, for some reason, I view her as a connection to my mom. I am so honored that someone would do something so memorable as to name a race horse after mom and to know she is actually succeeding way beyond anyone's expectations makes it even more special. She definately has my mom's character. Strong, dedicated and all-in-all, a winner.

I am one proud daughter!!!!
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First, congrats on Yvonne Goes On's good race. I hope she has the same success, and much more, in Kentucky.

I don't think you're strange at all for being sentimental about this horse. I have many strange connections to my Mom (who passed when I was 20 and in college), including reading her favorite books and watching her favorite movies. It is indeed an honor that such a magnificent animal was named in honor of your Mom, and I think it's great you are a proud daughter.

I hope you keep us informed of Yvonne Goes On's career. And if I'm ever at the races when she runs, you can bet I'll be betting on her
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I don't think it's strange at all. It's wonderful! It's so brilliant, really, and just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. It's so sweet - and horses are such magnificent animals. It's really quite a tribute.

Yes, please keep us apprised of her career! I hope she enjoys a wonderful Winter in KY.

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Thanks everyone!

Vikki, there is a photo of Yvonne-Goes-On floating around here somewhere. Hissy had posted it for me but I can't remember what Thread. I'll have to search for her. I am going to try to get an updated one from my step-sister. (I'd love to get of the winning race)

What I find even more touching about this is that Yvonne-Goes-On is her race name but, when she is in the barn, they simply call her "Baby" which was what my step-father always called my mom. It's also what is inscribed on her headstone.

Christy, mom and I used to exchange books all the time. We both belonged to Doubleday Book Club. Well....the books she sent me sit in my bookcase and will remain there forever. I find such comfort just picking one up and holding it close to me. The only book I do not have is the one she was in the middle of reading on the day of her accident. It sits on her bookshelf at home. Someday I plan on reading it and finishing it off for her. Right now, I just can't bring myself to even ask for the book and I'm afraid I won't be able to read it but......someday.
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I recently received a very special package from my Dad. My Mom LOVED Agatha Christie, and had practically everything written by her. One day I came home to find I had gotten a big box from Dad. In it was all of the Agatha Christie books my Mom had owned-Dad had saved them and finally sent them to me.

I started reading them, and realized that I don't really like Agatha Christie-her plots are all very similar. I've been in the habit of donating my unwanted books and puzzle magazines to local hospitals, but found that I can't donate Mom's Agatha Christie books. I may never read all of them, but I will never get rid of them.

My Mom loved Clive Barker's Weaveworld, which has become one of my favorite books (she first introduced me to it). Also, one year Mom and Dad got me Pink Floyd's The Wall (the movie) for Christmas. Let's just say I have some....hazy high school memories of it. Dad thought it was s*&t, but Mom dug it. To this day, I can't watch it (sober, now) without thinking of Mom. How many people think of their mothers when they see The Wall? It's one of those weird special connections I'll always share with her.
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Thanks Vikki!!!!!

Christy, I know exactly how you feel about the books. I also have one collection that I have set aside. The VC Andrews books. I cannot for the life of me bring myself to read them. I find them creepy in a way. I did read Flowers in the Attic years ago though.

I haven't heard of Clive Barker. I think I may check it out.

Sounds like your mom was pretty cool!!!! Enjoy those kinds of memories. That's what keeps us young.
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That's wonderful that Yvonne Goes On won her first (of many) race!

It is interesting what connections I have to my mother. Butterflies were her favorite thing in the world, anything with butterflies - pins, ornaments, paintings, figures. I never had much of a fancy for them until her passing, and now it's like having her close to have butterflies around. I have something similar to The Wall, Christy. I always shared the music I was into with Mom, just to keep her updated in my life. She LOVED the thrash metal band Anthrax!! When I met them when she was in the hospital with chemo complications, I got all of their autographs for her. They thought it was so cool that my mom liked them, she actually got more personalized autographs than I did. LOL Anyway, any time I hear Anthrax, and especially her fav song of theirs "Got The Time" I think of her. How many people can say THAT?!? :tounge2:
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Ghyslaine....I am so happy that Yvonne Goes On is doing so well! That is quite an honor to race in Kentucky!! Your mother would be so proud!!
I also loved reading the other stories here of the things that remind you all of your parents, and what has sentimental meaning for you.
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Thanks Debby.

Actually, reading everyone's stories have made me feel better myself. Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones who go through emotional ups and downs and that we are somehow clinging to things others would let go of in time. It feels nice knowing that others also have their special moments with memories.
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Ghys - did she race at Woodbine for the win? Congrats - the 1st win is always the toughest!
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Ady, I think Woodbine is the only place she has raced as of yet. But, I don't have all the specifics. Just received a phone call from my step father telling me this and he keeps info. short and sweet.

But I don't believe there are too many race tracks close to Toronto. Or am I mistaken?

I will send my step-sister an email and ask for more details. She works on the horse ranch where they board the race horses.
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