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Can you tell your cats apart by their meows?

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Paisley say "Ra" in an indignant loud voice. Josie says "mow" usually. Arthur is a Turk so he trills. Peaches is very quiet; she says "meep" whenever she's bothered.

I can tell who's talking if and when they do that. Can you?
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Ginger screams "meeeYEAH! when she is smacking Ferris (I think it's a karate chop?) otherwise her only noises are quiet "burrrrrRUH? sounds.

Ferris is always trilling to himself, and I mean close to continuously. When he wants something from me he meows, and it sounds like a meow, but the volume differs depending on the question or demand. At his most pathetic and beggerish, it comes out as a teeny-tiny "mew?"

I'm just learning Penny's vocabular - she has this really cool, totally throaty "merr-err-OH" along with many other meows of varying sounds, all pretty much "meow" or "merr-ouw" or "merr-OH." She's so very different than my moggies.
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Well I only have one partially-indoor kitten right now, but I can definitely tell the docile outdoor cats apart!

Sylvester: he has kind of a quiet meow, and it's kind of gentle and pleading. (Duh, he's always looking for Tyler, who he worships!)

Bobby: she has a really loud, clear meow, it gets kind of obnoxious.

Gracie: She has this constant "me-OW?" like a question thing going on... Like- "Hello? Please? Food? Please?"

Jenny: She has quieter calls, but most of the time it's a throaty trill, not an open-mouth meow. When she does, it's quiet and gentle. It comes out more of "murrr", but like I said, she kind of purr-trills most of the time.

Zoe: the little kitten! She is REALLY LOUD and kind of demanding, like- "Food! Now! Gimme food! I'M HUNGRY!" or "I gotta pee! I gotta pee! Take me to my litter box, I gotta peeeeee!". And then sometimes it's: "Please come back... Please? I'm lonely..." It's kind of a question-mark meow, like "mew?". She sounds defeated when she does that.
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Very much so.

Fawn's normal vocalization is a very breathy 'ih -- except when she's encouraging an intruder on the property to make himself scarce -- amazing how much noise she can make then.

Cindy is our chatty cat, who gives an assortment of meows, preows, chirps and whatnot at a modest volume.

Suzy's volume is pitiful tiny or pitiful huge, and virtually always a well articulated "meow".
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Yep - Charlie's is closer to the Siamese meows. Ling chatters and is a little more quieter.
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Lily "Meeps"
Twitch says nothing
Ophelia "SCREAMS"
Damita "Waa...meah...waa..."
Dory "Maaahhhhh"
Molly litterally squeaks like a mouse
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Telling them apart is easy! They all sound sooo different.

Luna has a quiet meow. Doesn't talk often.

Lexi talks even less than Luna (if that's even imaginable) but when she does it goes from low to high like asking a question and she is loud. lol She mainly talks when her food bowl is empty.

Tedi sounds like a teddy bear when he meows so that's why we named him that.

Maya is the most talkative. She talks all the time and it's just a constant meow. She meows for everything! Especially, when she is telling my mom it is time to go to bed.
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Gracie: She has this constant "me-OW?" like a question thing going on... Like- "Hello? Please? Food? Please?"

LOL! That's Cairo all the way.

Cairo and Paris sound so completely different it's very easy to know which one is trying to communicate.
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Seb has a deep, throaty meow. We've been together so long he doesn't really need to say much. Daphne's is a soft meow with a question mark at the end.
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Radar is very quiet vocally, when he does miaow it's a tiny high pitched 'meeeow?' He also trills sometimes.

Sonic on the other hand is very distinctive, being an Oriental he never shuts up and has a deep, loud, demanding voice and makes a wide variety of noises.
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Yes I can. I have only Danny at present but I can even tell my parents' cats apart over the phone!
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i can't think of any two cats that sound the same!

sneakers has more of a "meh" type chirp, unless its dinner time, then it becomes a mroow.

punkin sounds, well, there's no nice way to put it, like a demeanted peacock! especially at night when hubby and i are trying to sleep.

sometimes sneak will join in with a loud, deep mer-ROOW.

they even hop up on the bed differently. even though they are about the same weight and size, Sneak lands much harder and often on me. Punk is very soft and i barely notice when he jumps up.
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actually i used to be able to, but recently i've noticed one of my cats that never used to make a sound at all has started vocalizing and it's hard to tell him from the female he seems to have learned from. this female is also the one who taught the him how to drink out of my water glass instead of his water dish. :-) for the most part though, it's pretty easy to tell cats apart by their "voice" i think.
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Sammy's comes out as a medium, erroWH!
karina, the new addition to the family, is very high pitched and feminine, 'mewEM!'
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Buffy's is a demanding "meow" and Molly's is a question "Mew?" and Willow doesn't meow at all (when she does, once in a while, it sounds like Molly's soft mew mixed with Buffy's demanding meow, but it's REALLY quiet so you aren't sure if you're hearing a cat meowing or not)
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I can tell the difference, but I can't describe the difference as meows - they just have different tones of voice. Much has a tone like "you people should really listen to me" Carly has a frantic "is it dinner time yet, is it dinner time yet?" : Lucy is like irritated teenager "I want to go into the basement, now!"
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Well... considering that Sho doesn't meow, any meowing in the house is all Tomas.
Luckily, Tomas does have a rather sweet melodious voice.

Of the outdoor cats I feed, Max has a normal range meow for a male cat. He meeroow's and brrr's at me quite often.
Honey, little cat that she is, sounds like a chain smoker... reerrooow errreeraooow, not a very girly meow. I actually cringe a little at her meow, it's far from pleasant.
There's a semi feral male that I occasionally feed that sounds like a 5 week old kitten, very soft and whiny. I'll have my back turned to the yard while digging around in one of the turtle pens and hear this weak "mew? miiieeuw?" behind me, to find him staring up at me. (He'll be off to lose his 'little buddies' next month if I can arrange it)

But yes, the point is that to cat owners, all cats have their own distinct voice.
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Morty has a long Meow and Trinity has a short mew. So they are diffeerent. They are different piches too. My cat at my parent's is extremely vocal. She will have whole conversations with you in little squeeks and meows and mrowwws and rinterrinrow. Back and forth. You can actually talk to her.
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13 cats here and for the most part I can tell them apart. My 2 brother cats Sage and Dakota are closest in voice and sometimes I get them confused.
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Phantom has a delicate soft "merr' and Burr.. or anythign that ends in a errr lol
Loki has a gravely high pitched merrup, and meow
Woden has his ow ow ow before he gets sick, his mooom when he is looking for me and a variety of other indavigual sounds

yep I can totaly tell my fuzzy children apart by voice lol
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Yeah, I can. Loki complains and whines a lot! It's this "MUROW" or just "RROW". Possum has this little sweet "mew" and sometimes does this little chirp sound. His voice is real high and it sounds feminine to me. He was neutered way before he matured. However I had to take him to the vet once, and his meows got significantly deeper to voice his displeasure of being in the cat carrier. It was quite shocking at the time, but it's funny now.

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I can tell the difference between everyones meows, and they all have different tones too! I cant really explain the meows, but I do meow back But here we go, Willie has the softest meow and its like meow and he also is mostly trilling whenever he starts to meow! Then Midnight has a loud meow, and it too goes Mrreoow! Bella, the one who rarely meows, well she meows at me when she wants me and my attention but hers is simple, its a deep meow but pitchy and of course it goes Mreoow! Stormie, the most talkitive cat in the house! Well her meow is simply a meow to a mreow and well its a normal tone to me, and well we hold convos, she often meows whenever she is looking for me. But her meow changes a lot in tones of course but I can identify them all! Blue, blue only meows every once in a while and its meow, and its very deep but feminime lol! Then there is Tessa the siamese, who I must add is a weird non talkitive siamese, she meows rarely but mostly when she wants to be petted. Her meow is very soft but pitchy I guess you could say!

So there goes my crews meows! They all have different ones and well it is hard for me to explain it, but I hope I did it good
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Scratch rarely meows since the tinsel incident, but when she does it's very gravelly. Sort of like a feline Janis Joplin voice. Squee likes to trill and chirp. So yes I can tell them apart by their meows.
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I have just been sitting here laughing at you all! Boy we love our cats dont we? Pepsi never says much at all and Milo sounds like an old Trill phone kinda "pring!"
Just a little story for you. My friend's cat went missing which was traumatic for her as you can imagine. She called everywhere, frantic. She got a call about 3 days later from a local resue centre saying that a cat had been bought in matching her missing cats description. She went down and was talking to the receptionist when she heard her cat meowing from the distance. She took the nurse staright to her cat from the sound and as soon as the cat saw her it shut up! The nurse said that it hadnt shut up for about 3 hours and it was driving them nuts!
Ahh Happy ending.
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Polly has a wide variety of ranges but it's usually loud with a bit of a demanding tone. She also does it much more often than Molly. When I meow at her she meows right back. We go on forever like that sometimes.
Molly has a small, delicate meow that is sometimes barely audible. When she meows it's also a bit longer, and Polly's is usually a one syllable meow.
They both coo like a dove, too. I don't know how to explain it but it's so cute! It's like a mixture between a meow, a purr and a dove.
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With 18 cats it's important that I learn the different meows!
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Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
Telling them apart is easy! They all sound sooo different.
Pixel sorta says Murrow - sort of a purr/meow combined - when she's happy. she has a wailing meow when she's 'captured' a toy.
Chip is extremely loud when he meows or purrs, & his 'voice' is slightly different in tone from Pixel's
Cable is a squeaker
Jave rarely makes any sounds of any kind. her purr is VERY soft, & she doesn't meow - she 'mews'!
Firefox still makes baby sounds - her purr is a buzz, & a baby mew, of course. a bit squeaky, like Cable.
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Yep, I can tell who it is by their meow and also by the way they jump on the bed.
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Originally Posted by Mcat View Post
Paisley say "Ra" in an indignant loud voice. Josie says "mow" usually. Arthur is a Turk so he trills. Peaches is very quiet; she says "meep" whenever she's bothered.

I can tell who's talking if and when they do that. Can you?
Yes, this one is easy! Persi thinks he is a lion and really lets loose with a loud king of the hill meow! Alley sort of chirps like a bird so for me I have no trouble knowing who is "talking".
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Originally Posted by lady_tiger61 View Post
i can't think of any two cats that sound the same!
I can't tell mine apart. I really can't. I always try to guess who's talking to me before I look at them, but their voices just sound the same to me. Maybe it's because they're brothers and don't have any "other cat" influences?
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