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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
That's the one of the craziest things I've read (and for this site that's really saying something)
I remember it was way too crazy for me at the time - I'd rung DH about this weasel and he told me to put it into a Tupperware box and stick it in the fridge
Heres the poor fella in all its glory
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we had a cruddy apartment when i was still in college, and a previous tenant had TONS of pets. including rodents. we knew there was a mouse somewhere because we would hear it. well, that mouse was suicidal, and decided to go into our apartment. the one apartment in the house with 2 cats! bad decision. we had traps, and all kinds of bait. but that mouse was too smart for traps.

the old fashioned kind of trap worked best--a cat. raven and nabu were camped out by the refrigerator for a couple days. and finally one night (mike was on second shift i think) mike came home from work and the mouse made a break for the open floor. raven had caught and dispatched it before mike could take it away! nabu helped in the hunt. mike took it away so raven wouldn't eat it.
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Originally Posted by Dragoro View Post
Back when I was little, my moms cat caught and brought in a live bat into the house. Man did my mom freak. Ran out of the house like her hair was on fire. I just sat on the couch and watched it fly around lol.
To funny! One of my beloved, Cleo caught a bat once! She was definitely challenged, it was a bit larger then most bats I have seen. Once she got it into the house (thank you Cleo), it got away from her and flew around terrorizing us! Maia's prime catch was a mouse, but she didn't even draw blood, she wanted to play with it! Of course it got away, several times, so we caught it together 2 days latter, she had it pinned in the closet for 2 days!
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Bearing in mind that my cats are indoor-only ...

Oz has caught mice, voles and gerbils. (And a variety of insects and ... my underwear.) Spike has caught a mouse, a gerbil, and, as of yesterday, a squirrel. In my house. (Well, he didn't technically catch it: he caught a mouthful of fur, lost his grip, and the squirrel ran out the bathroom window -- thank goodness!) He has also caught many, many insects.

When Oz catches things, he goes into hiding with them and eats them. (I know this, because I caught him hiding behind the furnace with half a gerbil in his mouth. *shudder*) He does not share with the other cats, he does not bring them to me to be praised, he doesn't hide them so that he can eat/play with them later. He just hides and eats them. (He would be praised for bringing them to us. I'm not squeamish. I just don't want him eating his kills.)

When Spike catches things, it's one of two scenarios: A) he tried to play with it, but underestimated his own strength and killed it ("I want to pet the rabbit, George!"); or B) he brings it to me or J as a present (and receives much praise).

On one memorable occasion, for a friend's thirtieth birthday, another friend's cat brought her an injured mouse. He just sort of dropped it at her feet as if to say "Happy Birthday, Auntie H!" He then watched in abject disgust as she shrieked and stared at it in horror. He eventually killed the poor mouse for her, giving her that disgusted look the entire time.
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I have hunters as well.

My RB cat Sphinx would bring mice, bugs and birds home. Kuce is only interested in mice,frogs and feathers. Lil' Jag is only interested in insects, feathers and is only now getting interested in birds and frogs.

Our biggest hunter is Luvbug. He'll bring home bugs, rodents, birds, frogs, etc.... Not supprising though, he was our stray cat we took in.
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Excellent topic!
Snowflake brings NUMEROUS 'toys' in nightly, so there's never a dull moment around here.... Most often it's tree frogs or a mouse, other times rats or baby rabbits.
He doesn't kill 'em either (at least not intentionally), just brings them to his mum (me) and wants to 'play' with them.
(And I, too, set 'em free and/or rehab 'em.)
Altho, with birds it's different. With those, I might first see a few tufts of under-feathers floating around outside and follow the trail 'til I find a mass of feathers somewhere in the yard. There's never any bird remains. I think he takes particular glee in eating the ones that dive-bomb him.
The only diversion was one time when he brought an owl inside! We found it setting up on the ceiling fan and had one HECK of a time getting that back outdoors!!
There's also been moles and prolly hundreds of lizards (which I don't mind because they eat bugs!).
And he does chase/play with, then eat some bugs--including our infamous huge tropical cockroaches aka palmetto bugs, altho he learned to stay away from the large wolf spiders (about 3" diam.) we had at my old house because they BITE!
I watched him learn that lesson: he chased one and the thing jumped onto his belly-- a few seconds later, Snowflake ~jumped~ dropping the spider, which then jumped onto his paw, causing him to ~jump~ again.....needless to say, he ran away from that spider and then just left 'em all alone after that.
Glad to have found this board!
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How did i miss this thread?

Living in the tropics and having outdoor cats, the list of "caught" prey is long which include roaches, lizards, rats, bats, giant moths, snakes, frogs, butterflies, flies, fireflies, different birds, worms... They do not eat the prey except for the birds. My cats are a bunch of killers.
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Nikita has caught 3 mice, one of which was the size of a good sized hamster and I think it may have been a pet mouse. Looked very different to the normal tiny little mice that are around.

She killed the big one, killed another small one and one small one I found her playing with, having lots of fun putting it inside my shoes and then fishing it out again. The mouse was absolutely petrified.

I got that one away from her and put outside. Anyway yeah, Nikita is an indoor cat so these rodents have managed to get into my flat. Then again most old buildings where I live have a mouse infestation, it's must a matter of how bad it is and I think Nikita's scent keeps them away most of the time. A few friends of mine want to borrow her because they're having trouble with mice.
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Last night Wally caught a flying beetle that somehow got into my apartment. He batted it around a bit, but its little legs were still wiggling when Wally swallowed it.
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The only thing that I have known that Wesley has caught are mice and bugs. It's always nice to open the door and have a dead mouse laying there with no head or something! YUCK!!! But, he has never broughten anything larger then that thank God!! It's funny how when they kill something, they bring it to you like you would be so proud or something!
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Radar is an indoor cat, but he is a voracious hunter. He has caught 2 mice, his first was when he was just 4 months old and I was so proud of him. The mice don't come in here now!

He loves to hunt flies and moths. Unfortunately this usually results in the destruction of my flat, as he will stop at nothing to get to them. Once he even raced up my body and leapt off my shoulder in pursuit of a fly - OUCH!

Yesterday we had 'The Great Fly Hunt' which resulted in the destruction of the kitchen. I heard a crash and saw Radar dashing away from the draining board, he had knocked half of the washed dishes out of the rack and into the sink when he landed slap bang in the middle of the rack trying to get a housefly. I ended up swatting it with a rolled up newspaper before he broke anything in his attempts to catch it.

Sonic hunts toes. He's very good at it
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Faust has only brought a dead mouse in the house. However he has brought home half eaten mice, rabbits, birds, squirrels, etc. Her Majexty has only brought home birds, and never eaten them.

Faust lived in the country though for about three years and he really became a barn cat, but now is more docile and doesn't bring as much home. The mouse was pretty recent though and it freaked me out.
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Mine are indoor cats, and the most they've ever managed to catch is flies.
When I lived with someone with outdoor cats they brought in mice, rats, parts of birds, and various other bits. It's not to pleasant to nearly step on stuff like that.
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Midnight has never brought anything to the house before. She has left a dead mouse and a dead chipmunk that she killed. on the porch.
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Last night my cat caught a chipmunk. SHe was in the process of "beating" it to death i dont know WHY she does that when she could just bite it and kill it instantly but anyways i got a bucket put the chipmunk in it and snuck away

This morning we found the remains of a brown rat well just its long hairless tail
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When I first got her, Sheba caught mice. Then last spring I let her out one day and within one hour she left one dead bird at the front porch and one at the back door. Thereafter I haven't let her out except on leash and harness. I don't feed the birds just to draw them to their death!

Red Cat caught one bird the first year I had him. I think that was eight or nine years ago. I yelled at him, he let it go, and it flew off. He hasn't caught a bird since - that I have seen. He does, however, catch mice and rats. He loves a nice fat rat! He never brings them to the house; he just eats them. So I'm sure he catches far more than I know about. I can often tell how good the hunting was, however, by how much or how little he eats of his kibbles.

The only things I've seen Purdy catch are spiders and flies. He survived as a stray in the area for at least six months before I took him in, so he might be capable of catching more. But he is a laid back cat and seems to prefer just living "on welfare" in my household.
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I think it would be easier for me to list what Humphrey hasn't caught!!!

Lets just say I have had my fair share of presents of him
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found a full grown rabbits head on my poarch today
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My cat Natty has brought an assortment of birds, reptiles, and insects into my house. My personal favorite was a woodpecker that had been damaging my house and I always was trying to get rid of, Natty did the job for me. Her second best one to me was about an 8 foot snake she brought in one night. I was getting up to go to the bathroom and I stepped on it. Needless to say I was quite startled. But proud
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My cat caught a clawful of fur from my other cat. She has been hiding in her cabinet all day because she thinks she is going to get in trouble from me.
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8 foot snake? good god what kind of snake was that? here snakes never grow that big,, im suprised the snake didnt turn the tables on cat! Even bobcats and GHO's sometimes have a tough time with 6 foot snakes
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My cat, when it was just him, was an indoor cat only. had never even seen the backyard. We came home one night and there were feathers everywhere. Somehow he managed to catch a bird. Still havent figured out how it got in.
My fiance's cat brought a LIVE snake in their house once, and dropped it. The snake went straight for the heating ducts... luckily they were able to catch him before he became a snake flambe.
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My cats have caught an endless assortment of moles and mice and squirrels. I had one come home dragging a 5 foot long poisonous snake and a full grown rabbit another time. There was another time they caught a virus from a kitten that had been dumped off (I have become the half way house for every lost, injured and unwanted cat in my area) that gave them uncontrollable diarrhea
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We have 2 hunters...Marli usually catches lizards, small birds, things like that. One day when I was at work my husband called to tell me she brought in a chimpmunk and let it go in the house...he spent about 3 hours trying to catch it before he finally did. Bob has also caught chimpmunks and brought them in the house...the first one was trapped in our sunroom (and was caught and released back outside...the 2nd one didn't have the fate...i found him after Bob had detached it's head!!! I wasn't very happy with Bob after that and told him if he was going to eat his catches he had to do it outside where I didn't know about it! So far he is obeying my wishes!
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Funny, I just blogged on this topic. My cats have caught all sorts of things. Especially Kit. She was born in my flower bed. Her mother was a stray. She (by necessity) spent part of her kittenhood outside. Luckily, it was a very safe place to have outdoor cats. She's killed birds, snakes, squirrels and once a baby bunny that was as big as she was. That one was hard.

Friday's only good at catching lizards. They move very slowly.
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