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I've posted before that Mixy and Tonky are outside cats and they enjoy spending time at the neighbor's house that here.
Would adding catnip in our yard attact them to stay a bit more at home?
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umm thats a good question

all my four cats are indoor/outdoor cats and they love spending time under my neighbours trees, even though we have plenty in our own garden This is not really a problem as my neighbours don't mind and the cats usually come home when they are called.

Is this a problem for your neighbours or are you just worried about where your cats are ? Can you tell us a little bit more about your concerns

Well my immediate thought is that even though you might put cat-nip down, its only a temporary reaction with cats, so they might play for a while then still go back to the neighbours. Also if you are out and about yourself, you cant always keep tags on them 100% of the time.

As you know cats are very independent creatures and will come and go pretty much as they please the only thing that might reduce their wanderings is fencing, so I'm not sure if this is something you wish to consider for your situation, if indeed, you want to take the matter that far, as obviously this can be costly.

Keep us posted !
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Well, we do have a tall fence but Mixy just loves going over there! Miss Mixy finishes eating her dinner and just jumps over there.
The neighbor is ok. She has said that it is ok for them being over there. I do worry though because one time my beloved Sassy came home and she was kind of wet and I had seen the lady watering her lawn.
I am going to try using the catnip and see what happens. Mixy is 2 years old and Tom is 1. I was reading that kittens and older cats don't react as much to it as others.
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I'd worry more about strays being attracted, and fights breaking out all over!
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I have catnip startings in one of the windows sills that Tomas always sits in. So far neither of them, even Sho who loves catnip, have shown a bit of interest. They love the dried stuff though.

Be careful about planting catnip. It is in the mint family, it may spread and go wild in your yard.
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We have catnip outside our place, I pick some for our kitties (indoor only). There are a few roaming cats outside but they never seem to care about the fresh stuff other than to get a high, roll around, then roam again. I'm not entirely sure it will help your kitty stay in the yard. The only way to keep a cat in your yard is to put up a kitty fence I'm afraid.
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considered that other strays could be attracted to it!
I wanted to put it so that Mixy and Tom would want to stay home more.
Right now, they don't want to bond with me like I did with Sassy. She was my baby. These two don't want to be carried around, nor play as much as Sassy did.
Does anybody think that getting another kitty is a good idea? One that would be "my little friend". Of course, not replacing Sassy.
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I definitely would only give catnip indoors! It is without a doubt an attraction to outside cats if you grow it in your yard! I know because my mom bred dogs and when I was 5 years old I was allowed to have my first kitten, even then I was a cat person! WE had a garden and tired growing catnip, the most we got from it was stray cats besides the other activity, with the catnip they simply wouldn't want to leave! So my kitten ended up being indoors more so since there were so many strays lurking about...... Nit that this is why you shouldn't, but long story short, one day my kitten got out and was hit by a car, I was looking for her for hours, so upset! I found out by one of my moms friends coming in and telling her there was a dead cat in the street, I freaked out, my first kitty loss, and both of us so young!
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