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Here are a few pictures of our precious (but very snotty) kitty Her name is Azlyn, and she has a bad habit of forgetting to put her tongue back in her mouth! She is 1 1/2 years old and completely rotten My husband and I just adopted a female blue-point siamese playmate for her, and as you might guess, Azlyn gave her a very snooty welcome at first. But now, they are beginning to adapt to each other, and hopefully they will become friends here soon. The siamese, who is also 1 1/2 years old, has a few pictures herself. They are under the thread "Traditional Lilac-Point Siamese Needs Name". I was told by the people I adopted her from that she was a lilac point... Ooops We still haven't named her, but we are getting close, thanks to the tons of wonderful suggestions people have given us here on this site. Hope you enjoy the pictures!
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Aww... what a pretty girl she is... and aparently she knows it! I her little tongue!
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She is beautiful!
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Awww that tongue hanging out is the cutest thing lol
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I love kitty tongue pictures! Thanks for sharing.
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I just kittie tongue photos

What a cutie pie
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Aww! she's too cute with the tongue
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She is cute, the tongue.
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