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Tiffin is one week old!

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Tiffin is exploring his surroundings and learning to eat new things. He loves grated carrot and apple, and is galloping round the new pasture I put them on this week. Here are some updated pix of the pony family on his one-week birthday on Wednesday.

Tiffin himself - his 'stallion' bits are beginning to show!

Mum Maisie being protective of a Tiffin who still gets his feet in the wrong places at times

Brother and sister : Tartine and Tiffin

Tiffin follows mum around in a new pasture
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Jenny, he is absolutely adorable.
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He is so cute! :
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He's such a sweetheart, Jenny. I've got a grin on me that could be tied in a bow behind my head!
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He is such a handsome boy
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aww Tiffin what a sweetie you are - he is a wonderful colour mum looks real well too - what fabulous photos, one big happy family enjoying their timeout in a lovely green pasture
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That is one gorgeous pony, Jenny. Maisie is a proud momma, and you should be too.
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I think I'm kinda jealous...that last picture takes my breath away.
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Aww what a sweetie he is, I love them when there small
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And just where is the cuteness warning? All three are just beautiful!
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Oh he is so precious! I love his coloring!
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Congratulations..I missed the birth announcement. I'm glad he's safely here..he is adorable!
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I keep coming back to this thread, Jenny -- I want to kiss his sweet nooooooooooooooose
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What a cutie!
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Awwwww!!! I'm so in love!
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Aww he's adorable. Thier miniature horses right? I have a mini gelding named cocoa.
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They are Shetland ponies, the smallest native breed in Britain. They are small ponies, not miniature horses. What breed is yours?
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Jenny, he is just adorable!!

My co-worker asked if he bucks and jumps around like full-size foals do? How big is he? (We were thinking that he can't be more than a couple feet/less than a meter high!)
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Awww! SOOO adorable! What a sweetheart! I agree we needed a cuteness warning!
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Oh, Tiffin is just adorable! I was wondering how he was doing, looks like he's thriving. Happy One week birthday Tiffin!
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omg! What a doll baby!
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Oh yes, he bucks and jumps and gallops round and round the field! Sometimes he does 'spring' jumps, with all four feet at once, which is very funny to see. As to height, his back is just above my knees, so he is way less than a metre tall. His mother, Maisie, is not as tall as me, and I am only 5'2".
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Time for some more photos, please
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just bumping this back up - more photos please Hows Tiffin doing
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post

just bumping this back up - more photos please Hows Tiffin doing
Lots more pictures please
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