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Heather~Thank you for your advice and suggestions! They are always, ALWAYS welcome and appreciated!

OMGOSH, I meant 1.2 POUNDS. lol He's GAINED since the IV and food switch.

Oliver isn't on the KMR anymore..he wasn't gaining and lost interest in it quickly, so that's when they put him on the a/d and he LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. He's also been taking the Nutri Cal every day, which he also takes pretty well for me. Last night he had SOLID, normal-brown color baby kitty poopies. We were so thrilled! lol And I can tell he's filling out...they switched him over to the w/d to try to "thicken" up his poop, from what I understand, and he's LOVING it. I did go to sciencediet's website and read that it is a good canned food for kittens with diarrhea and tummy problems. I also mixed some dry Science Diet kitten food with water and he nibbled on some of that this morning..so I was very happy to see him interested in it!

Right now I'm feeding him about every 2 hours...which is usually about when he starts letting me know he wants to eat. He has free roam of the house now, is using his litterbox faithfully, and sleeps next to me all night. Last night before bedtime he was TEARING throught he house

So we finished the wormer today, and he still has 2 more days of antibiotic, and some of the diarrhea meds left. I don't know if we'll get more of that or not. I'll call tomorrow and ask before we face the weekend w/o.

I wish I could show you guys a video of this little guy--it's just absolutely AMAZING. The vet's office was shocked that he lived through the night last Friday, and now a week later he's spunky, playful, bright eyed, and sooooo content. I'm gushing, but I'm just SO IN LOVE with this kitten!!
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Amy~Thank you so much for telling me your story and experience! Nothing showed up positive in any tests, so I think (I could be wrong..it's been a hazy 9 days) that they were thinking guiardia (sp??) but I'm not certain.

Does anyone have any idea how much a kitten that weighs 1.2 lbs would normally or SHOULD be eating...He eats about every 2 hours, and I estimate that I give him roughly about a 3/4-1 tsp per feeding, and he doesn't always finish it, but does a pretty good job.
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Usually, they have a guide on the cans, but basically I'd feed him as much as he'll eat... the science diet website probalby has a feeding guideline. The website says, 187 milliliters per day.. as close as I can tell, for a 5 pound cat. I have exactly no idea how much that is.

As a side note, the water in the dry food... you want to be careful with it as from what I understand if you mix the dry food with water, it can cause bacteria to grow. I think it's probably fine as long as you only mix a small amount, and toss whatever he doesn't eat right after he's done, but maybe someone will chime in with more knowledge about that.
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Heather~I throw out what he doesn't eat because we have so much trouble with ants coming in. LOL (And also because I wouldn't want to eat stale food, so why should he?!) I have no idea what that converts to, either. LOL
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Well, I realize you're probably trying to get an accurate count as to what he's *supposed* to be eating compared to what he is *actually* eating, but I think as long as he's eating as much as he can/wants, unless he noticeably drops off in appetite, he's probably okay. From what I understand, or have read on some different threads here, the commercial cat food companies don't always give an accurate measure, and that of course, also depends on how active/how old... if I remember correctly they often overestimate. Of course, if you were to ask the Tonk, otherwise known as Pogue, who lives in my house (he's 12 weeks..).. he gives four paws up to double feeding amounts.

There's probably a conversion chart somewhere on the net, but I have no idea where to look.
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