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Help?! 4-week-old Kitten with diarrhea

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I got my daughter a kitten for her birthday from a shelter about an hour from us. The kitten was pictured on Pet Finder and we fell in love with him immediately. When I arrived at the shelter & she handed the kitten to me, I thought he seemed awfully small, but granted it's been about 16 years since I've had a little kitten. She assured me he was weaned by Mama (mama delivered the litter at the shelter) and was eating Kitten Chow. I asked..specifically, in hopes of avoiding tummy issues.

We brought him home and he's had the most water, pugnent diarrhea. We brought him home Tuesday, and I took him to the vet on Wednesday because I was concerned he was getting dehydrated. He also refused to eat the Kitten Chow, so I purchased another kitten brand that he also refused. The vet gave me some Science Diet and he refused it as well. I chalked it up to his upset tummy. Yesterday he was crying so much that I decided to go buy milk replacement for kittens...as soon as I opened it he nearly took my hand off trying to get to it. The poor baby was STARVING..however, he still isn't eating as much as I think he should be, but again..he is less than 1lb. While at the vet, she expressed concern that he was awfully small...estimating his age at 3-4 weeks, not the 6 that the shelter had "assured" that he was. He also seems to not have a clue what solid food is so we believe he was still nursing from Mama Cat before adoption. This breaks my heart.

His stool sample tested negative for all worms, Feline Leukemia and other tests were all okay...The vet suggested a 10-day course of Albon. She gave him a big dose mixed with someone else there, and then we are to do the other doses at home via syringe.

The night I took him to the vet, I covered my floor and bed in my bedroom with old sheets and towels. We went through them like crazy..I took 4 showers the first 2 days and ran out of clean tshirts to wear...he's one leaky little guy! He fell asleep and woke up DRENCHED with a big wet circle under him where he leaked out..it's so watery and stinky.

It is now Friday afternoon, and the diarrhea is the same...it just leaks out of him constantly whether awake or asleep. I'm frustrated. I borrowed a cage from a neighbor, and he screams and cries the entire time he's in it. I've tried warm towels, stuffed animals, etc..but he WANTS someone to hold him. I have to wrap his lower body (which is almost all of him because of his tiny size) in a towel and carry him around while I try to do things around the house. We can't let him run loose in the house because of his seeping issues, obviously. The entire house STINKS to high heaven....

I don't know what to do. I know kittens can sometimes have nervous tummy issues when they first get home, but this is so watery and uncontrollable. I hate making him stay in a cage, and he just breaks my heart with his crying.

Does anyone have any further suggestions??
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Do you have kitten experience? I only ask this because.. it may be if he's that young and hadn't been weaned yet, that he needs to be "stimulated" to potty. I'm definitely not an expert on this, but it may be that he's got a back up of poop in there and that may be why it's leaking out constantly? I would think it certainly wouldn't hurt to try it, though. If you're not familiar with the technique, let me know. It's pretty simple to do, albeit a little messy. Surely it's not as messy as what you're going through, though. If his little tummy is full because he isn't pooping, that might account for why he's not eating as much as he should be.
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I actually remembered something about young kittens needing stimulation to go, so I did research online and tried it, and nothing has changed. I really think he knows to go and is able to go on his own..he gets in the litter box and produced one "normal" kitty poo the first night...Iv'e been cleaning him GENTLY because his little bottom is SO SORE. He's such a mess..it's on his tail, his back legs...I feel so bad for him. He tries to clean himself up, but it's a lost cause when it's a chronic condition.
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Hmm, well, let me tell you the method that I was taught to use, and have seen suggested by others on TCS.. take a warm, slightly wet washcloth (mimic mom's tongue) and cup him on his back in your palm.. use your other hand to take the warm washcloth or papertowel so it's disposable, over the lower abdomen, from maybe an inch above his genitals down toward his tail, so that you're wiping from above down over the butt. As you wipe, it should start coming out. Just keep wiping until he's done.

Now, if that's what you did and that didn't work.. he might be constipated? When Joyeux was constipated we did some research and some of the research said that sometimes when they're constipated the "runny" poop would force itself out around the blocked area, so it looked like they had diarheea when they were actually constipated. If he'll eat it, you may do well to get him some Laxatone. It can be found in a PetSmart for about $8 a tube, and they're supposed to like the flavor. Joyeux never took to it, and I had to put it on her paws daily, twice a day, but some of the other cats actually liked the flavor. It's what my vet recommended for her, and he has said that it doesn't hurt them in any way, even if constipation or hairballs isn't their issue, so it does no harm to give it to them regardless of what the issue is. It also helps coat the intestinal track and soothes their tummy a bit.

Did the vet run any other tests? Mention what it might be? Did they do a titer test, or rather, test for FIP? Do you know if he's had any shots?

Just as an FYI, and I'm sure you probably know this since you already got him KMR, but he should be getting fed about every four hours. I'd probably try to get him back on track and then after he's been eating steady for a few days, take the KMR and mix it with a little dry food on a plate and try giving it to him that way.

This might all be due to the fact that his eating schedule was thrown off, and it may straighten out in a day or two. I wouldn't bath him too much as he can get chilled, and you might consider putting him in an enclosed space with a low wattage lamp over him, especially like a spot lamp... I'd say try a heating pad and put it in a box large enough that he can move away from it, but, it'll end up covered.

Alban treats Coccidia (and my spelling may not be right on that), and if that's the case, I would think that he'd start to straighten out within a day or two. In the meantime, there's not a whole lot you can do. You might want to consider lining his area with newspapers, or potentially even getting those doggie potty pads for indoor dogs. They will at least suck the runny stuff away from him and gel it up. You could probably get some of those, and cut a few into smaller squares for carrying him around. They also sell little "papooses" that are much like "fanny packs" but have a pocket in front for carrying your (small) dog in and strap on like a backpack. That would free up your hands.

I don't even know if it's worthwhile to call your vet and ask what you might put on his bottom. I'd say consider putting some vaseline or petroleum jelly around there to coat that area so that it's not as much of an irritant to his skin and tail. Petroleum jelly is the major ingredient in the Laxatone, but it's a specific type, so definitely call the vet and ask if it's okay. That being said, we used vaseline for years on our cats for hairballs and never had any problems, but better to be safe than sorry.

Is he showing any other signs of not feeling well besides the poops and being really hungry? Is his tummy hard, is he dehydrated (do you know how to check for dehydration?).. is he having any trouble with any of his motor functions... like he's able to walk okay, (he's probably still wobbly at this stage) but his legs are slipping out from underneath him, he's not having trouble holding his head up, focusing his eyes..his eyes aren't crossed, head's not at an angle..

And sorry if I'm mentioning things you may already know, but I figure it's better to mention them then not in case you aren't sure what to look for.
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Everything Heather said is right on target! One of our foster kittens, a scrawny little girl named Cupcake, was in much the same condition, with coccidia and an inflamed backside and no appetite. She wailed and begged to be held, too, and my mom and I both carried her around as much as we could.

Then Mom discovered that Cupcake would climb right up and ride around on her shoulders! For a week or so, my mom had a little black furball on her shoulder all day long. She had to change shirts a dozen times a day, but the medicine eventually worked and Cupcake got well. Her thin, scruffy black fur developed a downy white undercoat... she grew into a beautiful, healthy kitty... and she was adopted three weeks after we brought her back to the shelter!

Try to hang in there... it's miserable, but when you see a healthy, happy kitty where you once had this poor sickly little guy, you'll feel so proud!
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So bad news....we came home today from the store and Oliver had vomited all over the litter box and was laying in it, unresponsive. I mean, he wasn't unconscious...he just didn't respond to us like he normally does. I called the vet we went to on Wednesday, and she was out of town, so I called the small animal hospital and come to find out it was our old vet from before we moved.

Anyway, they gave him an IV with fluids and gave him more antibiotics. I asked if there was anything we could do for his sore boyyom which has prolapsed from the acidic poop, & she cleaned it with antiseptic and put steroid creme on it. She sent us home with more wormer, some meds for diarrhea, some vitamins, syringes, and said we needed to be realistic about the strong possibility that he might not make it. :sobbbbb: He's still taking the antibiotic as well. She said as we were leaving "He cant go on like this much longer. You should know soon if he is going to pull out of this or not..."

So we have postponed Maddie's party and we'll try to schedule it for 2 weeks. She suggested I just wrap him up in a towel and carry him with me all the time if that's what he likes so much...it can only help him fight this and encourage him to fight this. I'm so sad, and the kids are heartbroken.

I'm going to carry him, do whatever I can to keep him stress-free this weekend. If this kitty passes, it certainly won't be because I didn't do everything I could to save him or because we didn't want him. The vets both agreed there is nothing else that can be done besides more IV fluids, and that won't be enough to save him if he's this ill. If he shows improvement though, I will want to give him that option I believe. I cannot keep spending on this kitten, but I've already invested so much of my time and heart. :-(

I'll keep everyone updated.
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Oh the poor baby! I'm sending "get better" vibes!!! At the very least, he'll have spent what little time he had knowing what love is.

I sure hope he makes it.

to you and the kids,

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Oh no! Well, it doesn't help much to hear it, but just keep in mind that you're doing everything you possibly can to help the poor little guy. You've done everything possible from the beginning, and honestly, it's not your fault. It doesn't make it feel any better, at all, I know. I'm so sorry that this is happening.

The vet is right in that you're doing everything you can, and you need to keep up with what you're doing. Sometimes those little buggers can make the most miraculous recoveries and amaze us all. Don't give up on him, he may still yet make it.

I'm sending all the healing vibes and best wishes I can!
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What a poor little fella. I pray for you all & hope he pulls through. I hand raised Blossom from 3 weeks & that seemed like a full time job at the time. She was constipated & the vet gave her an enima. I used to rub like crazy with a warm, damp wash cloth to try & get her to go, (no trouble with peeing I only had to touch her & she'd wet). I was so happy when she could do it on her own. I don't know what I would have done if she had your little guys problems.
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I just wanted to post an update for everyone. And...................................


About 3:30 the next morning, he woke me up PLAYING with my hair??????? I was so THRILLED. AND...he's been eating. Just about 1/2 tsp of Science Diet A/D canned that the vet recommended while he is sick. He doesn't eat very much at once, but he asks to eat every 2-3 hours, just like a good little baby! He still has runny poopies, but they're a more "normal" color vs the icky yellow, and they smell more like normal cat poopie, too. You kitty lovers know how significant that all can be when you're so worried about your fur babies!

Today I let him roam the house for most of the day....which was brave of me, but he didn't have one SINGLE oopsie, so he's able to control the diarrhea for the most part. He spent a good part of his day in the litterbox, unfortunately, but I still think that's GOOD news. Before he couldn't control it and it even leaked out of him while sleeping..in a HUGE puddle of goo.

So...please keep praying for us..I love this little baby kitty so much already. I'm going to have to try SoftPaws for him as soon as he's big enough because he's using everything we own (and the capets that we *don't* own as his scratching pads. Hehe...) Again--I consider that a GOOD sign!

~Kim~ (Human Mommy to Fur Baby Oliver)
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I'm so happy to hear that Oliver is doing better!
It's so scary to see such tiny babies get so ill. The amount of poops they can produce is just insane!
It sounds like the medicine is kicking in. It's pretty amazing. When they start to recover, they really bounce back quickly. Just keep a keen eye on him and make sure he continues to improve.
I can't believe that shelter sent you home with a 3-4 week old kitten!!!! That's just horrible. They should be with their moms at the very least 8 weeks, but preferably 10-12 weeks when they learn a lot of social behaviors from mom.
You should try mixing a high quality canned kitten food with some kmr. Little guys like this need a lot of calories to grow and this will help him get the energy he needs. If his diarrhea gets worse, water it down a little bit. If he was actually eating kitten chow, the more rich food might upset his tummy a little.

If it is at all possible you might also want to consider adopting an older kitten or cat who can teach your boy the ropes. They can also give each other exercise, a companion, and keep each other out of trouble. For scratching, make sure you get a scratching post or two (both horizontal and vertical). Sisal rope is good and some cats like carpeted or the cardboard ones. They scratch on stuff to mark their territory, but they also use their claws to get a nice good back stretch, so make sure you have somewhere it's ok for him to scratch that is firmly mounted to a wall or to the floor so it's stable.
You are doing great and being such a caring mommy to your little one! Keep up the good work! We are all pulling for you both.

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Thats great news that Oliver is doing better!
I second that another, older cat would be a good idea once this little one gets better. If you don't want another cat, maybe you can foster an older one from a shelter for a bit? The reason I say this is because I got a 2-3 weeks old kitten, and he grew up with no other cats around. The poor thing turned out a mess. He never learned how to clean himself, never learned how to meow, and he thinks he's a dog(my mother had a dog so he grew up thinking he was a poodle, lol). I actually had to go out and get another kitten when he was four months old to try to stop him from barking. By then it was too late to teach him anything else though.
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I'm *SO* glad that he's doing better. It sounds as if he's going to make a full recovery. That's all good signs!!!! YAY!!!!! He's a little trooper!!

On the scratching note, try the sisal posts or the cardboard scratchers... I had a serious destructo kitty, she destroyed several couchs, a wooden table, and a number of other things... and then we found the cardboard scratchers.. and haven't had a problem since. Just make sure when you get either, that you put some catnip on it so they get the idea that this is where they scratch. It works really well.

Again, I'm so happy that everything is going better!!!
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I agree with every thing every has advised on this topic!

I was reading this and I almost cried, I felt so bad for the little thing! He did nothing to deserve this! I am praying he continues to improve, and am so thankful that somebody like you took him in. Just another somebody may not have cared for him, and dumped him... or worse. But you have such a good heart, and you did a good thing coming to us and to the vet. I'm so happy for you and Oliver!

GothicAngel is right... Some things are just cat instincts, and some things they need to be taught by their momma. So I would suggest getting another cat, preferrably a maternal, mature female to show him the ropes, he'll learn from her. Of course, you'll have to do the introductory part slow... But he's also a kitten and needs a playmate! Perhaps you can get a 3-4 month old kitten for a playmate; still playful, but already knows stuff that Oliver can learn from!

Good luck with Oliver, I admire your good heart, and I hope to keep hearing updates from you!
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phew !!!! you've certainly been on a roller-coaster with that little fella

I am glad hes doing well and certainly having fun in his new home !

You can make your own 'scratch mats' If you get an old piece of wood, make sure theres not nails, or any old piece of plastic with no rough edges, get some thick rope and wrap it around the from the top to the bottom, secure with good strong glue - wait till it dries and hey presto your very own scratch pole. Old carpet pieces or old door mats are also great for kitties to use for their manicures

You might need to play a little game with Oliver to get him used to the idea, just trail & tease a piece of the rope around and near the new toy and he'll chase it, get his claws stuck then he'll have a good old scratch

Another great thing to use are boxes, they love to play in them and more often than not will also have a little scratch at the corners.

Well I am sending my best wishes for his continued improvement in his health - do keep us posted and if you get chance would love to see some photos of the little fella
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Thank you so much everyone for your continued prayers & well wishes and wonderful advice!!

He vomited again last night while he was sleeping next to Maddie. I had given him all of his meds about 2 hours before that though, so today I'm going to try staggering them and see if that helps. He also had an "incident" of the diarrhea variety while he was sleeping, too...and it's only gotten worse from there. He's acting lethargic and his eyes look "dull" again. He's dripping constantly from the behind, too., so I've had to put a stop to the free-roam of the house that he SO enjoyed yesterday. OMGOSH he had a WONDERFUL 24 hours. WHY can't he have more wonderful hours? When I called the vet back this morning, they said none of them thought that little kitten would live through the night Friday. They were totally shocked to hear that he woke me up playing that next early morning, much less that I was able to let him have free roam of the house yesterday!

HOWEVER..that being said, I didn't give him the anti-diarrheal med yesterday all day because he was SO healthy-acting. I continued with the wormer and antibiotic and vitamins though...just skipped the anti-diarrheal because I was concerned that it was causing difficulty with urination, and I wanted to ask the vet first thing this a.m. So I guess we can safely assume the diarrhea is making him feel poorly, and the anti-diarrheal meds are HELPING and are a necessity at the moment. My mind keeps racing and thinking "what if he never straightens out...I can't keep a kitten here with chronic diarrhea...my landlord will have a FIT."

He is sitting on a towel in the window now...in that "sick kitty" position that I know you've all seen before. I'm going to open a can of KMR and warm it a little and see if he'll take it.

I gave him another bath today because he had laid in his own vomit and poopie, and cleaned up all the messes he's made this morning and had to crate him again while I took the kids to school. I picked him up to answer the phone today and he dribbled all over me..just a constant drip, and its back to that putrid yellow color and stinky smell.

The vet assistant I spoke with this morning didn't think the Albon could be causing diarrhea, but I read online that it could.

I'm tired. I've had to clean all day and he HATES being in the crate and I HATE him being in there. He is alseep right now and looks so gorgeous...his fur is fluffy and clean. Hehe...

Oh..I did get the steroid cream so I can start putting it on his little tushy today, too. That should help I hope.
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I hope he can tell how much I love him..how much the kids love him. They're so gentle with him..suprisingly gentle for as young as Maddie is. He is so gorgeous. I'll show pictures soon! He hasn't been very photogenic since we brought him home. Tomorrow will be a week since he joined our family!!

He's had 1 dose of the anti-diarrheal stuff so far today, and I'm going to give him the 2nd dose soon, so HOPEFULLY it'll kick in and he'll be running and playing and not leaking soon!!
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Oh hon.. I'm sorry about the roller coaster you are on right now. I totally understand it though.
Pippin has a weak constitution and is constantly having one issue or another. He'll be fine for 3-6 months, and then it's back to the vet we go. When he's having an episode, he'll have really good days, where he's active and cuddly, and then I'll get excited, and then it's back to feeling gross again. It's so frustrating to deal with!

Just keep working with your boy though. If it's not enough, at least you did all you can and you cared and loved him enough to try. If it is enough, you can have many years of love and companionship with an even stronger bond for having seen him through this hard time.

Pippin got off to a rough start, which is why I think he tends to be less hardy than my other boys. But because of that rough start we have the strongest bond. He trusts me like nothing on this world does. When he feels sick he actually gets in the cat carrier as if to say, "Mommy, I don't feel good.. help me get better!".

Your biggest enemy right now with the diarrhea and the vomiting is dehydration. Make sure you are getting fluids into the little guy on a regular basis. All the meds might be making him feel a little gross too, so I think you're right about spacing them out more. It's tempting to give them all at once and get them over with, but if you have the ability to space them, do so.

I really really hope he gets over this and feels better soon.

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Well, hopefully everything will turn out all right. Keep up with his meds until he's completely run through the course of medications. I thought I'd heard that Albon could cause diarrhea, as well. How much longer do you have for the Albon compared to how much diarrhea medication you have?

Keep up with his feedings, and if he won't take any KMR, try to give him a little water. I don't know if he'll take that either but if he's had diarrhea, he may be starting to dehydrate again. I wouldn't bathe him a lot, it could cause him to catch a chill and you're going to want to keep him warm.

Have his spirits picked up today at all?
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this was on the pg. cat and kitten board about a couple sick bottle fed babies so thought it may help here too.

Please stay on the formula. Dilute the formula a bit with more water and be sure you aren't overfeeding. The formula might be to rich and the kitten's stomach isn't developed enough to handle that. You can also add Pedialyte to the formula. Are you feeding KMR?

Very Important! Be sure the kitty isn't becoming dehydrated. They can fade quickly if they do. Very, very gently, pinch the skin at the nape of the neck. Hold it (gently) for a second, then release. If it folds down to normal, you are okay. It it stays sticking up, get the kitty to the vet NOW!

How is Oliver doing today???? any better?
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Hello everyone! Just wanted to pop in with an update on Oliver.

I had to try to crate him again last night because of the diarrhea...and he was so unhappy. He cried and cried so I finally got up, put on old clothes, covered everything with old sheets and towels, and let him sleep with me. He's such a spoiled little babykins!

Today he ate the entire 1/2 tsp that I've been giving him of the Science Diet A/D canned food...as well as his usual KMR. We saw the vet again today, free of charge, and she wants us to get a stool sample and continue the anti-diarrhea meds, wormer, and antibiotics. I'll take a stool sample in tomorrow...I guess there's more they want to test for. They are concerned that there is an underlying problem since the diarrhea comes back every time I stop the diarrhea meds. :-(

I'm kind of worried/concerned...afraid they'll find something horrible that isn't fixable. On the other hand, he's playing, and eating (not very much, but he isn't very big, and he eats at frequent intervals..just not much at once.)

They want me to start offering solid food, so she gave me a big bag of Science Diet kitten formula to start mixing with the canned tonight. I guess we'll see what he thinks of that! lol
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I have heard that the wormers can cause diarheah (sp?????? that is one work that I can NOT spell at all) too.......... could this be some of the problem? how many doses has he had?

and how many should a kitten that age have? mine only get one dose when they go to the vets............ mmmmmmmmmm
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If I remember correctly, it was Albon for potential or.. maybe it was diagnosed coccidia (sp?), they'd tested for worms at the first visit, and there were none, so didn't? give any wormer? Maybe I missed a post or something somewhere... but now have him on the antibiotics, the Albon, the anti-diarrhea meds. Don't quote me on that though.

Matchbox: Hope Oliver is doing okay, and sending lots of get well vibes to continue to get better! keep us posted.
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I am soooooo TIRED. I mean I'm just tired. I'm exhausted in every way possible. This is worse than having a newborn baby in the house...I just spent the last hour crawling around on the living room floor, checking for "spots" on the carpet, either from him leaking the short time he's been out, or from him stepping in the runny goo in the litterbox.

Yesterday I had to move my bed and clean carpets because he leaked under it while he was sleeping.

I'm out of clean towels, rags, etc....the laundry is unbelieveable...between my frequent changes & the frequent changes of everything he touches or comes into contact with. Yesterday I answered the phone while carrying him and he dripped all over me, the floor, and the rug in the kitchen...so it had to go into the ever-growing laundry pile.

I don't mean to complain...I love him dearly and I don't regret for one SECOND picking this particular kitty. I feel if it weren't for us taking him home, he might not have had a chance at all. I'm just tired and frustrated, as is he.

He's taking 1cc of wormer every day, 1cc of Albon every day, vitamins every day, and anti-diarrhea meds 3x day. They take a while to kick in...so since I skipped a day we're still paying for it.

He kept me up all night last night, hollering from his crate....I'd let him out, and he'd want to run and play, but he's just too messy.

Sorry to be such a DOWNER tonight. We're taking a fecal sample in tomorrow for more testing, so wish us luck! (I think I already told you that..but I'm so tired and I can't remember!)

Thank you all for your concern. I'll give another update as soon as I know more of what the tests have to say.

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((((((((((((((KIM and OLIVER))))))))))))) hope you BOTH get some sleep soon!!!!!!!

Yeah I knew he was on that just wasn't sure how much worm med a kitten should get and can't that cause the runs????
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Junior~Thanks! We got some sleep last night. I remember him waking me up a lot, but he wasn't unhappy like he was the night before. He was just a hungry baby last night. They want me to get him going on solid foods to see if that helps with the diarrhea issue, and he is NOT taking to it very well. I've tried mixing it with the canned food he likes so well, but he eats the canned food, licks the canned food OFF of the dry kibbles, and leaves the kibbles. He's a smartie poo!

We took in a poop sample today and she said they should have it ran by 2-2:30, and it's almost 2 now, He's definitely interested in playing these days, and in eating. We brought Taco Bell in from home, and he was VERY interested in it! He became quite the nuisance, trying to take it from me. LOL TOO CUTE. I cannot believe this is the same kitty that was knocking on death's door less than a week ago!

I'll let everyone know how the new sample turns out.


Mommy to Oliver (aka Lucky)
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The poop sample didn't show anything. Whew. *I think* ????????? The vet we saw wasn't in today, so we saw an older man, and he said that a lot of the time we see this in young kittens like this due to a bacterial build-up of the digestive system, and it just takes a bit to work through it and that our job was to keep him hydrated and as healthy as possible.

When we walked in, the vet walked in and sked if that was the kitten, and we said yes..and the girls working there said "yes, that is the miracle cat.."

I love my itty bitty kitty, so I hope he gets better. So he said the only thing he wanted to change about what we were already doing was to switch his food. We were giving him the prescription canned A/D from science diet, but he prescribed 3 cans of the w/d formula , and said if he did well and we wanted to give him more that we could. We're also to keep him on the antibiotic until it's gone, the wormer until it's gone, the Nutril Cal indefinitely, and this W/D food for at least 3 cans. I have a feeling we're going to need more diarrhea meds though because we waste more than we get down him. He HATES it and even refuses to eat if I mix it in his beloved A/D food.

OH! This is the BIG news....He weighed 1.2 ounces.
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Was that 1.2 ounces or 1.2 pounds? It's good that he's recovering so well. Not to make it more difficult for you, and someone else with more experience with kittens may need to chime in here because I'm not positive, but I think he may need to be eating every four hours around the clock. Has the vet mentioned anything about this? If he doesn't like the wet food, you might consider asking your vet about something else, because ... and again it's just my opinion, but it might be better if he's eating something decent as opposed to not eating "the right food". I have to say I don't necessarily agree with what the vet is recommending for food, but that's just my opinion and I think the important thing right now is that he's eating. Nutri Cal should help his weight, it's a high carorie supplement, so that they keep/gain weight.

If it were me and I was looking for a food, I think I'd try to find a high protein low carb, no grains wet food... I know Innova Evo makes one, which is balanced for cats and kittens, but I'm not sure who else does... anyone have any thoughts on that?? Surely don't take my advice as gospel or anything because I'm not sure what those formulas do or what might be a good substitution. Hopefully someone else with more nutrition knowledge will either disagree or agree and make a suggestion or two.

If you're still feeding him the KMR, you might try mixing the diarrhea meds into the KMR (he might boycott it, but he also might drink it right up). With my cats and meds they will fight me on, I put it in their wet food, which obviously isn't an option for you since he's not eating solids... but the KMR might disguise it enough that he eats it. You'd only want to mix the meds into a small amount of KMR (as much as you know he'll eat for sure), so that he eats the entire dose (provided of course that it works).. whereas if you mix it into too much food, he might fill up before the point where he's eaten it all.. it took me awhile to figure that one out with my cats. Hehe.

I'm glad he's improving! You're doing a really good job with him. Again, though, I'm going to suggest the doggy potty pads for carrying him around and for in his crate. Here's a link for "doggie" diapers, which come in an XXS, for dogs up to 4 pounds (might work for him)... http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...N=2033166&Ne=2

and the link for the doggie pee pads, which I think you can cut down or put in areas where he's at a lot. There are ton of different brands.. I don't know if one is particularly better than the other, but here's an example. http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...N=2033166&Ne=2

Sending more good luck and get better wishes! I'm so glad he's doing better.
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wow what a time you've had, and what a lucky kitty getting someone like you to care for him. He may be a miracle cat but he's got a supermum.

I'm glad things seem to be looking up, and I hope that Oliver goes from strength to strength
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I just caught this thread. WOW!! You have been through a lot with little Oscar!! My heart goes out to you as I too had a 4 week old kitten that I called Oscar that came with Coccidia. What I've learned about the disease is that it is cyclical in nature and can take a few weeks or more to clear out of their system. The medicine puts them in remission, but the cycle reoccurs and you have to start the meds again.

When I went through this with Oscar, I changed out his litter box at least twice a day. Completely thru giving him a new box and bleaching out the dirty one (you shouldn't use bleach but it's the only thing that will kill coccidia). If he uses a contaminated litter box, he can simply reinfest himself.

The other thing I remember is the vet suggesting that he eat a small amount of plain yogurt daily to help level out the imbalances in his stomach from all the medication. You might want to call your vet on that topic. I honestly can't remember how much I gave him but knew it was a teaspoon or less each day. You don't want to over feed yogurt as it can be more harm than good.

It sure sounds like coccidia, and do realize that most vets keep them on albon even if the test shows to be negative, because it is cyclical in nature. Follow your vets advice to the letter but still challenge them on their recommendations. I also have to suggest to do a google search on coccidia and find out more about it. It's been 4 years since I've dealt with it and am rusty on the topic.

And btw....my "little Oscar" has grown up into the "Big O". Once we got him thru his early health problems, he was just fine.
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