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New Kittens

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I've been a lurker here for a few weeks and want to thank everyone for all the valuable information. I also have a few questions. Found a pregnant stray and she gave birth yesterday. Two kittens came in the first hour and then nothing until about 17 hours later when she delivered a stillborn kitten with some limb abnormalities. My questions is: could there still be kittens inside her after all this time? She does not appear to be in any pain or agitated in any way. She is taking care of the two kittens that were born alive. I called the vet to see if I should take her in and they basically said to "play it by ear". If she is acting normally with no discharge, should I just keep watch for awhile? Will she eventually give birth to any remaining kittens, even if they're not alive? Thanks.
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Feel her belly all over, if there is any more kittens inside you will be able to feel them. If you dont feel anything (it will feel like a hard lump) then you can be almost sure that there isnt any more babies to be born. Good luck with your kittens!
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Thanks for the tips. I did feel her tummy, and while it is still distended, I don't feel any lumps (I don't think!). I guess I'll just watch her carefully to see if she starts acting funny or develops any kind of discharge. Thanks, again.
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Congrats on the kittens! You know we want photos now Glad you posted
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Hello and welcome to the site, its great here, as you can see we have lots of experienced members, so just jump right on in with any questions

So how are things with moma & her babies today - is she feeding OK ?

Do keep us posted
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Congrats on the kittens! I want photos.
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Thanks for the kind words. Mother and kittens seem to be doing fine. I'm keeping them in a bathroom as I have other cats and 3 dogs. I let Mother Cat out several times a day so she doesn't get lonely!
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