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I'm getting a pom for graduation. A pom is what I wanted in the first place, but we couldn't find any that weren't insane prices.. like $1,200. So my second choice was a Japanese Chin.. and we found a breeder and I decided on a little runt female for $350.

Then we found out she has a hernia and we found out from the vet that it costs $200-300 to have it taken care of. We can't really afford to pay $350 for a puppy + $200-300 for surgery, so mom ended up finding a pom (sable) in the paper for $250, so we went to see her. She's nine weeks and so adorable. She's healthy and the owners were really friendly.. so I decided to get her, and we're going to bring her home tomorrow after I get off work. I feel bad for saying I for-sure wanted the Chin, and now we're not getting her because she needs surgery that's a little too expensive for us right now. I really wanted her, but I still really want a pom, too.

I'm posting pictures as soon as she gets here. I've also decided to name her Roxie.. the kids she lives with have been calling her "foxy roxie" and I think it's a really cute name.