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1000 Posts !

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Wow I have only been a member for two months and Im already at 1000 posts... I think I have to much freetime on my hands! I haven't even been a member long enough to make a custom avatar lol! Anyways here is to 1000
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That is some great posting to have done in 2 months! Congrats.
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aww you'll soon be hitting the next 1000 soon then eh
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LOL yep! I have alot of work to did!
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Congrats its so exciting isnt it
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WOW! I just reached mine the other day and have been a member for a lot longer! CONGRADS!!!
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Wow!! You are addicted I presume?
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Indeed I am, not to mention I have way too much freetime at work..
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Yeah, I come on TCS when I'm at work too! LOL. Congrats on 1000! you know with that much free time to be on here, you should think about Anne's new contest going on

I just realized that you and I joined TCS in the same month... and I thought I talked a lot! Wow!
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Contest? Which one?
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Originally Posted by trixie23 View Post
Anyways here is to 1000
And, here is to you!
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