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not scared of you

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back off little boy

i am not scared of you old lady

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lets move inside its way to hot out there for this

leave me alone, little boy , i dont like like you


guess this will teach you little boy
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yay, cats scuffles are just the best - especially when girls come out winners
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Those are so cute! I love watching kitties tussle.

Penny and Ginger are just starting to take some whacks at each other, and Ferris and Penny started to get into it a little bit this morning. I'm so proud, LOL!
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hehe its a blast watching them, all eazy wants to do is play,
heyu just want to be left alone. hehehe for now she wins, but he is getting big.

So penny is staring to fit in just fine?
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They're so cute! Won't they ever get along? Lol
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that reminds me of blue and stormie, always playing like that and then they chase each other up and down the steps its so funny because to get it started either one kittie jumps on the other or stormie goes over and starts cleaning blue, now blue puts her head down for cleanings and then its on ! But urs are 2 cute
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OMG Bruce! That's Hilarious!
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Gotta love those sparring matches. Great shots, I enjoyed the captions.
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Great photos! My two play fight like that and it looks so dangerous, I used to get worried but the next time I looked they would be licking each others face so I gave up!!
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CAT FIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!! I just love cat fight pics. They look so serious. Then you see them curled up together giving each other a bath.
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Those are great action shots!
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They were so funny Bruce. I love watching my two wrestle.
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Those are great pictures, I love your captions
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LOL Great captions and gorgeous cats
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That is so cute! Great pics!
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Bruce, those are HILARIOUS
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