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Why won't he cover his poop?

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So my 5 year old cat (male) must be dearly proud of his stinky doo doo's! For some reason he will dig in the litter box after deficating, but he never covers up his poop! It's like he is too proud of his raunchiness to do so (and my his poop is stinky)! My kitten will often go in after him and cover it up, on some occasions I have to do it myself because the stench is just wrong! He has done this for years and I just don't get it lol! He isn't declawed and loves to dig in the box, but why not cover it up? I wish he was like the kitten... She digs before she poo's and then covers up (must be her lady like manners)! His poop is normal looking, he just has no interest in covering it up?
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One of my cats never cover his either. And its starting to rub off onto another who thinks she dont have to cover hers either.
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Its his nature. I've had some cats that did it and left right away; others will dig to China to cover it up. Be thankful you have one of each
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It's just another one of those mysterious little cat quirks. Some just bend the rules a little. Whenever he poops, just use the scoop to cover it up, or just throw it out right away.
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LOL what a sass he is! Im not kidding he will walk out all snooty nose in the air, like "Mom check out my masterpiece". It's just funny cuz he digs like he is going to cover it up (not sure where he is digging) and then i look and he didn't cover it at all! Not to mention he gets so much litter outside of the box lol (closed jumbo box)! LOL oh i get the scoop as soon as I smell the stench, it carries throughout the house (his box is in our utilites room)!
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I believe it has something to do with his feeling he is the dominant cat. Out in the wild, animals will cover it up so others won't know where they are. If they are not in any fear of others, they will leave it to 'mark' their territory. We have 3 cats, all females-- and thankfully only one has this trait.
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So strange he did this before we got the kitten, but it does make sense!
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Ha ha! Luxor does this - at least your cat poops in his box! But seriously, I also think it has to do with letting everyone know he's boss. Once we got Luxor, from day one he would leave stinky bombs and not cover them up. Just to let Stoli know that he was king poo on turd island. Then it got to the point where it wasn't smelly enough, he had to actually poop somewhere other than the litter box to get his point across. We got him to stop that, but man can he clear out an entire house! We call it his 1400 sp. ft. poop.
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I know my tiger clears out 1100 sq feet of living space with his nasty butt! I'll be watching tv and then this funk rolls through the air! Im serious it is funky, its worse than human poo sometimes (fecal exams were ok) lol maybe it's the EVO. He is a sass, very vocal/bossy, and thinks he is king of the world. It's a man thing, I guess I wouldn't understand. Well Im glad he is proud of something lol!
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I am totally cracking up here! "King Poo on Turd Island" really got me! Well, now I feel very lucky to have Zoe who, so far (it's only been two days, better not say this too loud ), has not had one accident. When she has to go, she mews and starts scratching the carpet or bed sheets. I just take her to her litter box and she has figured out that no matter how many times she crawls out, I'm gonna put her back in, so she goes right away. And she covers it all up, nice and neat, I can't even smell it at all! Yay for kittens who litter train so easy! *Hehe, and in a week I'll come crying to ya'll: HELP! She's pooing in my laundry basket! *
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Yes No grain foods cause mor Odor... I have a feeling potatos are way less digestable than rice
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So it's the EVO you say lol! Whooo it's raunchy!
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Originally Posted by trixie23 View Post
So it's the EVO you say lol! Whooo it's raunchy!
ummm well my dog doesnt smell and she eats half raw meat have cooked rice and veggies

Zoey on the other hand never smelled before Mom got on the you should try grain free kick
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Im not condfident to try raw and Im sure Tiger would not be a fan, he won't touch any people-like food, he is disgusted by smelling it the little snot! I guess I can tolerate the nasty stench, because man Tiger loves him some EVO!
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I think some cats are just "poo proud" Stan has always been one to leave a nice present on top of the pile of litter he just dug up. I guess that's "turd mountain" Bella will usually come around after and cover it up giving him the "stinky boy" look of disdain!
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