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Urgent..oral Pain Medicine Info Needed

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Hello, Im new to this forum, posting for my brother. They have a cat, about 8 mos old. He got out of the house, came back with his back legs skin like ripped off, a dislocated "ankle" and his 2 toes are hanging. He rushed him to the animal emergency and they bandaged him, took xray, gave him antibiotic and sent them home. They were instructed to irrigate the wounds dialy and rebandage. That cost $800. They didnt give them pain medicine. This cat is clearly in pain. His eyes dialated and tail quivers. I am a surgeon myself, and want to give him some pain meds in order to help change his bandages. Im researching on what to give him, orally preferabbly. Does anyone have any knowledge of what type of pain meds to be used for acute pain. I am also looking to give him a sedative when changing his bandages. Im sure it will make him more comfortable. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. I read about meloxicam, and tramadol, but am not really sure. The cat weighs about 12 pounds. Thanks in advance.
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I appreciate the fact that you're a surgeon, but I'd really recommend contacting either your brother's cat's regular vet or the emergency vet to get some pain medication. I can't believe they didn't send that poor kitty home with something!

Two pain meds that are commonly used in cats are Buprenex and fentanyl patches. I've had experience with Buprenex and it really works well, but have no experience at all with fentanyl though I've heard it works well too.

I hope the kitty feels better soon!
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Hello and welcome.

Cats are very, very sensitive to pain medications, even the ones that are intended for use in cats. I understand you are in the human medical field, and I respect that ...however in the case of the cat I would urge you to ask the vet for pain meds for the cat. If they refuse, persist. If they still refuse, I would suggest finding another vet.
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