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I remember when Heidi's Trent turned 5, and I thought - I wonder what it'll be like when our kitties are 5? Well - that's this year for 4 of them. This thread made me think - I wonder what it'll be like when our kitties are 14?

At 1 and 2, they kind of liked pets. Now Shelly, Lazlo and Spooky BEG for brushes, Spooky's a lap cat, and Shel sleeps under my arm with his head in my hand. Flowerbelle could not stand to be petted - she liked to lick us instead. Now she rolls over and PUSHES her head into the love. By 14 - even Tuxie will be a lap cat!

I can only imagine all the things you have to celebrate with Katie!

It's amazing how they change over the years isn't it? I can still remember Katie as a tiny kitten. She was my first cat and I had no clue about what to expect from a kitten. She spent the first week she was home hiding under the couch. Honestly, as sweet and cute as she was, it took me a little while to bond with her. Once, I did, though, there was no going back. I was hooked.

She's been through so much with me, nothing bad, just a lot of change, from getting out of the Army, to coming home and getting settled again to joining the Ursulines. She's been introduced to four cats and a number of foster kitties over the years and taken it all in stride. It's hard to put into words how much I love her.

Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Happy Birthday Katie, even if it is a day early!

Must be the Sam pee getting to ya, huh Eileen?

What's Katie's story? I didn't know you picked her up in Belgium!!
Actually, he's been fine for the best week, so hopefully he's got it all out of his system.

Since you asked... Katie was found roaming in a British woman's yard with no mama cat or other kittens in site. She wanted to keep her, but was concerned about having to keep in quarantine for so when she returned home, so she advertised her for adoption on Armed Forces radio. I heard the announcement driving to work one morning and, since I'd been thinking about adopting a cat, made the call. Several other people called too, but I was one lucky enough to adopt Katie. She's been with me ever since.

Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
You mean I have to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her again tomorrow?????
How about if I sing to her for you when she get another can of Fancy Feast as a treat?

Thanks for celebrating with us, everybody!!!
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Happy Birthday Katie
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Happy Bithday Gorgeous!
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Aww, happy belated birthday precious girl.
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