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ow! ow!

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Got started on the color of the tattoo on my shoulder last night. Took 2 and a half hours and only half done.

I didnt sleep well last night every time i turned I woke up. I can get through the whole tattoo with out even wincing but im a baby afterwards.

I just washed it off and reaplied the a+d on it and it burns! Going back in 2 weeks to get the rest colored in.

Why do we put ourselves through this? And why did I choose such a big tattoo? What was I thinking??
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ouch, ouch, ouch

you'll have to take some photos, well get a mate to do it
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Yeah i think it will look really neat when its done.

This one is a boquet of flowers over my shoulder and eventually ill have some flowers that are dropping down from it. Hard to explain.

It is my 5th tattoo and prob my last. Since I work with children i have them where they can be covered with clothes or socks and im running out of places lol.
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Oooh, yes. I found the actual tattoooing part worse than the recovery..Mine is on my lower back though, so it doesn't bother you much after the fact.

Make sure to show us pics after!
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Yeah ill figure out how to post pictures and ill have hubby take some when its done. The one on my lower back didnt seem to be so bad either but we always seem to forget the pain.
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Every time I get tattooed, I wonder why I do this to myself as I am mapping out the next part of my backpiece. My sweety is a tattoo artist, and he hates to work on me because the older I get, the more it hurts and the more flinchy I become.
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Yeah it seems to hurt worse as we age. Or we just forget about the pain.
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Ouch'o!!! I have all my tats below the waist,lol.....I have always wanted one on my shoulder or back, but am too much of a wuss to get one there!!

Oh yeah and most definately we need pics!!!
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LOL..the itching during healing is actually the worst part for me - I want to scratch and I CAN'T!!!

I'll have a pic of my newest tat up on TCS soon - it's almost healed.
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I'm terrified of needles, so no worry about real tattoos for me. I'll stick with the fun ones you paste on and it washes off in a week.....
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Ya I think the outline was the worst of the tattoo experience, the healing was alright, my tattoo never really hurt at all it was just so itchy and I couldnt itch and mine is on my shoulder btw

but u def need to post some photos
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My husband loves the itching stage its the only time he gets to slap the heck out of me lol.
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