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So Much Fur!

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Hello. This is Chris, a newbie. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a heavy volume of cat fur all over the place? Im sure yall have. My DSH, Macy, is the sweetest thing but she sheds bad. I brush her hair at least once a week. Her hair isn't is short yet when I pet her she loses so much. Im looking for a product that will clean up cat hair off of beds, blankets, pillows, etc. Perhaps a sticky sheet of some sort? If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Thanks...
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Someone posted a bit ago that if you take a spray bottle of water and slightly dampen down a chair covered with cat hair, the hair wipes up easily.

I have 14 cats and I use a horse grooming brush. Works everytime! Get medium bristles, soft won't work and hard is to rough on the furniture.

Plus if you add a little bit of fish oil to your cat's dry food, that will help her coat stay in shape better.
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Hmmm raw egg yolk, once a week is also good for a cats skin/coat. I brush my cats every day just about with a flea comb and a slicker brush.

I currently have 2 short hairs and 1 long hair.
My fiance is allergic so hair maintanance is a big deal around here!

There are a lot of products on the market for getting hair off furniture and such. I have a pet hair roller, that sticky thing, and a normal lin remover, that old fashioned red grooved pad with the black handle. It works well. My inlaws have this static remover (looks like a yellow squegie) it also works well.
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Great thank you for these suggestions. Ill give them a try!


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Try wrapping lots of sticky tape around your hand (sticky side out) and using that to pick up the cat hairs. Also very good for using just before that important event, when you are dressed-up to the nines, and you stupidly pick up your cat to say good-bye.... DOH!
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