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Kalli had her babies!

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Well after a long and hard labor for Kalli last night, she has 6 beutiful kittens! Everything went well, am we are VERY happy about that. It was awesome to beable to expierance the miracle of birth. And we were a very big part of the delivery, because she had no idea at all on what she was doing. I'm guessing that this was her first litter. Though this was amazing, i dont ever want to see it again, because it was so hard seeing her in pain... And she kept looking at us with these eyes, and you could see that she was hurting and she had no idea what was going on,a ns she was scared. So she will definitly be gettting spayed. Everyone is eating very well today, and kalli is very proud of herself and she lovves those babies. She hasnt left them yet. Not even to eat and she loves to eat.

Baby #1: 11:02 PM May 31, 2007
Head first
black and white-more greyish today
Placenta delivered

Baby #2: 11:15 PM May 31, 2007
Head first
First looked all black-now tortie
Placenta delivered

Baby #3: 11:41 PM May 31, 2007
Head First
Lighter black at first-greyish now
Placenta delivered

Baby #4: 12:01 AM June 1, 2007
Placenta delivered
Named Kenzi

Baby #5: 12.20 AM June 1, 2007
Black and white
Head first
Placenta delivered

Baby #6: 12:44 AM June 1, 2007
Head first
Placenta delivered
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Oh and there will be pics as soon as i get my camera back from my grandpa!

o it looks like we have 3 torties and then a calico so far then one black and white and one grey and white..
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awwwwww!! Way to go Kalli!!!!! cant wait for pics
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Congrats! Cant wait to see pictures.
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Congrats! can't wait for pictures!!!
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Congratulations on the new arrivals!
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I left a message for my gpa to express mail it too me. So hopefully it will be here soon.
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congrats and well done to kalli!!!!
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Congratulations on those six wee babies! Can't wait to see the first baby pictures!
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omg, well kalli came out of the box to eat soem of the kmr i gave her(which she loved) and so I counted babies to make sure everyone was there, and i kept counting 7 instead of 6.. and then i saw some blood on her new bedding and it turns out that when i went to bed last night thinking that she was done havign kittens because she hadnt had one for over an hour, she had one after that. so i guess the grand total is now SEVEN wow!
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Kalli kept that 1 quiet then hope the babies are all well and congrats again
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OMG well my grandpa EXPRESS MAILED my camera, its HERE , so i'm off to take pics!!
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Okay here is the firstpic i will add them as soon as t hey are done uploading!
Its is of momma and the babies, but not all of them are veiwable sinec they are on top of eachother. Kalli just got done with some kmr can u tell she likes it?

btw i'm sorry that the pics are bad quality, it doesnt turn out well with out flash
below is baby #1

below is baby #4 calico girl

calico baby again
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Well my mom only got to see the first 4 born yesterday night, because she had to wk a 12 hr shift today. So she just got home from work and this is like the first time she has actually 'saw' them. And shes decided that we are keeping all 7 of them i wasnt expecting that one, i'm rather excited that brings us up to 10 cats for good
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wow Kalli certainly did you proud there, she is such a clever moma and those precious babies are so delightful

Keep us posted on progress and give Kalli some tummy rubs from us
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Thanks I love them
this is baby # 2 -shes a tortiseshell

this is baby #3-she changes from dark-almost black to lighter gray
what do you call that?
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awwww, everyone is gorgeous, your mom is awesome.
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That is so cute!
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I just took more pics because I got new batteries today, so I'll post them when they are done uploading..
does anyone have any name ideas, all the girls i have wil be named with "k" names...







sorry i'm i'm a little pictur ecrazy
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They are all such DOLLS! The calico girl especially. Have you decided on any names as of yet?
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Yeah the calico girls my favorite (shhh dont tell the other ones, i love them too). I dont know about names yet, i'm really bad at naming things. (any ideas?)I think that 6/7 babies are girls though. #'s 2,4,6,7 are girls for sure, because they are torties/tortie and white,and they look it. then #1 and 3 have the same "parts" as them. But the biggest one #5 i think is a boy for sure
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I can't believe all of those kittens! And I can't wait to see them grow up! Have fun coming up with names for all of them!
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They are so cute! I also can't wait to see them grow.
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So i am sure now that everyone is a girl except for baby #5 who is a big boy.
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