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Uh oh!

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Ever hacked away at your eyebrows, and then realised you made a mistake and now they look purely uneven? I just did it, and i really hope none of my students realise tonight when i go to work
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That is why my eyebrows remain untouched. I don't have the patience (or steady hand) to do it.
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Yes. I wax mine and sometimes I get a little patch that got wax and wasn't supposed to. eyebrow pencil is the answer to that!
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Fran, why does this not surprise me?! Were you having a cocktail before you started plucking?
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
Fran, why does this not surprise me?! Were you having a cocktail before you started plucking?
.....Oh my!....
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Well the person that does my tattoos also does tattoo make up. Dont think I could ever do that though.
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Yeah, in grade nine my sister told me to start plucking..and I did. Then they were pretty much gone!! And all the boys would make fun of me and my tiny eyebrows

Now they have grown back, but I pluck them myself, so they are probably uneven
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No! I get mine waxed by my stylist, & I only have to pluck about once inbetween, with only a few strays here and there- thank goodness I've never done anything like that, I would have FREAKED!
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No problems here! When I was a hairstylist I did waxing and tweezing professionally as well! Although, I will say too much was taken in an area when I was waxed once (lol oh boy and I barely have any eyebrows as is)... I tweeze mine, because i do not have a wax warmer (I prefer hot wax to cold)!
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I pluck.

The only time it ever got back was when I was angry at someone and plucked (because I needed it).

My poor eyebrows suffered and were next to nothing. Luckily the thin brow look started to come back.

I did eventually realise what I was doing and avoid plucking at all costs
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well i fixed it, they are just a lot thinner than what they used to be

They will grow back soon anyway!
gosh I feel so silly!
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Sorry Fran, that just sounded funny!!! I would never have the nerve to pluck my own!! I have a stylist wax mine for me
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I've done that before- i was talking to my friend and completly not paying attention to what i was doing- next thing ya know 1/2 my eyebrow was gone just take an eyebrow pencil that is similar to your natural eyebrow color and lightly feather it on your skin to fill it in.
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