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How do you deal with your beloved pet not being around anymore? I guess the holidays make it even harder. I had to put my one year old to sleep in July due to a congenital kidney defect and still have a hard time with it. The tears just come on suddenly. We have 4 other cats that need our loving (trust me, they get plenty), but I still miss my Bandit. His life was just too short.
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I wish I had a better answer for you. I have lost many beloved pets, and I still think of them and love them. The pain will remain, but you will learn to handle it and not dwell on it as much as you are now. Let the tears flow when they want to come. I still cry for pets I lost ten and more years ago, just not as frequently. But when I see a picture of that precious cat or dog, it brings back wonderful memories too! I believe I will see these babies again, and that they have taken a trip.

God is so loving, I believe he will bring you comfort. There are some lovely poems at the top of this page. Perhaps one will touch your heart. Your Bandit must have been very special!
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I have been having a TREMENDOUSLY difficult time dealing with not knowing what is going to happen to Angel. The vet thinks she has dementia (she is 19). She will not eat on her own (we have to spoon feed her), she has lost 2 pounds in two months, she drinks a TON of water, and is losing her balance. I am a TOTAL wreck and she isn't even gone yet. My fiance' told me that I am taking this very hard and she is not even gone....I can relate to you...I really can. I just don't know what will happen if there comes the day here in the near future that we have to put her down. She is eating barely enough to keep a bird alive and isn't as alert as she used to be. Just not a great quality of life anymore

Please hang in there...I am trying to do that, as well. It is also important NOT to neglect other pets....they need your love just as much as they ever did. I started to do this with Ashley (other cat). I would kick her off the bed...off my lap..not talk to her, etc. I am trying to realize that I cannot do that. It isn't her fault...it isn't anyone's fault for Angel. It is the way life deals of the crappy cards. My fiance' told me that God gave her to me....I just don't want to give her back. I do believe we will see them again...the way they were..happy and everything. In the meantime, we just have to heal and believe.
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Perhaps this link will help you find the answers you seek?

Bereavement Support

You have my heart, it takes time to work out the grief, just know that you will see Bandit again some day.
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Thanks to all of you for your kind words. I guess it hasn't been very long yet, so I'm still kinda boo-hooey. It definitely helps to have my other furbabies at home who need my love and attention. My siamese woke me up this morning - 2 hours before my normal time to get up - to tell me his food dish was empty. Of course, I got up and fed him. It was either that or I get no sleep (ha ha). He head butted me to thank me. The head butts make my day. Of course when the other cats heard the food falling in the dish, they came running, too. It's nice to be preoccupied.

Carrie, I wish the best for your kitty, too. Give your baby lots of special kitty kisses!
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Thank you. It hasn't been a very good day so far today. Angel is at my mother's and I am headed over there soon to see if I can get her to eat a little. It just breaks my heart into a million little pieces. IT IS NOT FAIR! It just isn't. But at the same time, I know she is probably tired and she really owes me nothing after 19 years of being my Angel-Pie (That is what I call her). She will ALWAYS be my Angel-Pie. ALWAYS. I was 12 when she came to me and I am now 30. That is a long time and I am so very grateful for every moment I have had with her.
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I cannot reattach the same image of Angel! (

Here is my Angel-Pie from two years ago:


She is the white one in the thread.
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You have two beautiful cats. We will never be ready to say goodbye to our pets, but you know you will have to say so long eventually. I hope her health stays stable for a while so you don't have to face that sorrow so soon. It is a terrible loss, but remember that God knows every sparrow that falls and he trusted YOU with one of His precious creatures for a little while. What a wonderful gift! You'll see her again, I feel sure. God bless you.
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When I had to bring my baby girl, Cherie, to The Bridge, I was inconsolable for 8 days. It was the first time in 16 years to walk into an empty apartment. I ended up rescuing (I really think he rescued me) Tigger. Prior to Cherie I had my others including Cherie to console me and help me through that time.
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Tears are in my eyes as I type this. I really feel for you and the tough decision you will have to make. It is amazing how an animal can fill up such a large space in our hearts and in our lives. I am sure you are grateful for the wonderful amount of time you were allowed to be Angel's human.
I still grieve for a Siamese named Merlin who blessed my life for 17 years. She saw me through two pregnancies and one of my girls leaving home. She was a very intelligent and graceful cat. I know we were soul mates. We always talked and she and I read the body language of each other so well.
I have a 14 year old Siamese now (Phoebe) who is that close to me. We enjoy each other so much. Her nose is a bit out of joint with the arrival of two new kittens. But she has taken it in stride. She knows she is the queen.
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Oh God, my heart breaks for all of you!.
I just dread the day i lose Rosie, i honestly would'nt know what to do.

What i do know is that i would have to take time off from work, because i know for certain i could'nt face people!.
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