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Sleeping Figaro *Cuteness Warning*

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He's all asleep with those little black paw pads....his nose is the same color & so is his lip liner. It's not quite black, almost a purple-ish color....maybe a dirty grey?

Chubby tummy!! He does sleep with his eyes slightly open, too

Look at his paws!

Quite comfortable

Being cute...which he does so well!

Sorry about the pic quality.....I do not think my piece of junk camera will live much longer!

And yes, he is still pretty yellow!
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OMG!!!! How can you cope with all this cuteness??
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Aaaaww!! I love those chubby tummy photos! They are precious! He is precious!!
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Oh my word! Is this the gorgeous boy you said your mum said no to then changed her mind?, because you can see why.

He's gorgeous Awwwww look at the positions he's in. He's way too cute and it's like he knows it
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He's just gorgeous! Those paws are just so adorable...I think he's a professional cutie
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Maybe it's just the picture...but it looks like he's got big paws...maybe a big snuggly-boy future for Figaro! He's absolutely adorable...made my morning!
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OMG Natalie, he's just adorable!!
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OMG, I'm in love. What a precious little guy!
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oh my what a little pudding - he is a darling
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He is just adorable - love that fuzzy little belly!
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awww natalie- he looks sooo sweet!!!
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Susan, my mom said no then changed her mind to an entire litter of 6. I only had them for 2 days until they could go into a foster home where there would be 2 people to bottle all 6, the little runt Ephram is getting his own special care there.

Now Figaro....I do not think he could be cuter! Seriously! He's so big & fluffy. It was especially cute when he pooped right on his wet food!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
It was especially cute when he pooped right on his wet food!
Umm...taking lessons from Dorky Fish already, eh?

He is adorable.
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How precious! He's certainly a handsome boy!
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Originally Posted by beandip View Post
Umm...taking lessons from Dorky Fish already, eh?
That was exactly what I thought.
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Awwwww look at the widdle pumpkin!!! SO cute!!!!
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How do you not keep these kitties! It's a good thing they leave your house so quickly.
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Figaro Figaro Feeeeegaroooo!!!! He's SUCH a little cutiepie!
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He's such a fuzzy ball of cuteness!!!! I love the pics of him on his back showing his tummy. He looks so content!
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He's soooooooooooo cute
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OMG what a boo boo!!
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Awwwww! He is so adorable! I'm so glad you put a cuteness warning, too, otherwise it would have caught me off guard!
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