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what would you do?

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So tommrow Is my last scheduled day at the dollar store.

Problem is, last night i broke my front tooth out. It hurts, today i was poked and prodded at the dentist.my whole mouth hurts and is swollen..and i have some big IBprofen that makes me a little dizzie.


Do i go in give them the opition to send me home?

Do I go in and suck it up and try to make it my shift?

or do I just admit i am not super woman..its my last shift..and call out...
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Call out.

It's your last shift... what are they going to do? Fire you?
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Well... I hate to say it, but I think you have to go in. Otherwise, they'll think you just didn't care enough to bother with your last day. But if you show up and they see how you're suffering, then they'll always talk about what a trooper you were!

Also... someone might be planning a going-away thing for you. Can't miss that!
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i would go in, and try. But the first thing i would do is call your boss as soon as you can tell him what happned and let them make the choice,
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I would make an appearance. I'd go in and explain why I cannot stay.
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I'd go in. Tell them you really do not feel good enough to stay. Tell them you're mind is kinda foggy & you fear you might make a mistake.
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going away party? Pfft yah right. LOL

I will most likely go in. the bad thing is I have to walk..and theres construction so i almost always get to play not get smucked by a car. Ah well. I am taking in my documentation that I was at the dentist and will likely go in early and let them make the call. They have someone else on who can cashier. so i know they wont be in a lurch....

And if they make me stay..I SO am NOT gonna be on register..not with my tooth missing. feeling to self concious..
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cant call and tell them the issue first?
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I can but i know what they will say if i call..so its usually best to show..and tell as it were.
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