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Cleaning Camera Lens

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Not sure which forum to use for this question.

I have a digital camera Canon powershot S3 IS. I just noticed the lens is a mess - probably due to a certain kitten nose but she won't 'fess up

I have never had to clean the lens of any camera. How should I do it so the lens is not harmed? Would any lens cleaner or eyewear cleaner work?

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to be smart, i would stop in a camera shop, i know itta, uses i think some microfiber colth, that she picked up in one.
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Yeah... you can probably get a little cleaning kit at a camera store. Eyeglass cleaner might be okay, but I'm not sure whether the coatings on the two kinds of lenses are the same, so... better to be safe.

Those kitty noseprints! We get them all over our windows, too.
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Lens Pen (google it) or the age-old lens tissue and lens solvent. Any decent camera shop will have both (but you won't need both). Don't shortcut it by using something you have in the house. These are specialized products to do only one thing - to clean coated lenses.

If you use the tissue method, place one drop on the tissue (not the lens!), and wipe very gently in a circular motion until dry. You might have to use a bit of the dry portion of the lens tissue to get it fully dry. Do not push down on the lens.

Optional, but a good idea:
If you have access to a puffer blower, use that before you clean it. A camera store will show you what that is.
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