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Leo the cat update

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In case you missed the background, I trapped a kitty in my feral colony for TNR who was already neutered and definitely not feral.

He's gotten his vaccinations and flea treatment and we've now got him safely transferred into a feral recovery cage with a litter box, food, water and a nice soft blanket to lie on.

When we were trying to move him, the poor boy was just shaking, he was so scared. He's a decent sized orange guy (and yes, I named him Leo), probably no more than a year old. Seems like he'll be a sweetie once he realises we're here to help him.

He didn't want to leave the trap for the cage to start with, so I poked a spoon with food on it in front of his nose so he'd realise I had food and would move toward the food bowl, and he didn't get aggressive, he just sat there shaking

I'll keep him for a couple of days - as long as he needs really to come out of his shell, and for me to be comfortable knowing he's a nice boy so I can try to rehome him.

He hasn't had FeLV/FIV testing yet though, so I need to decide whether to get that done for him and rehome him myself, surrender him to the shelter where they'll do that, or see if the rescue organisation I deal with has room to take him (which is nicer, but they'd need to find a foster home).

I'll get a pic probably tomorrow when it's light so I don't scare him with the flash
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I really hope you can get someplace to take him in & find him an indoor home. He sounds like such a doll.
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Oh gosh... there's nothing that gets to me faster than a scared kitty. You just wish so hard that they could understand when you tell them they're safe now. I'm so glad you're taking care of this orange fella.
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I've just been sitting with him telling he's safe and he doesn't have to scrounge for food again, and I'll take care of him, and find him a good home that will love him.

His ears are up and forward and his eyes aren't as wide as they were when we were getting him into the recovery cage, so that's a good sign. Tomorrow I'll try to give him a pat - I just have to find a way to do it safely.
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Awwww he is such a sweetheart, but very shy!!! Leo was leaning against the cage, so DH reached in and rubbed his face with his finger, and Leo didn't move, but closed his eyes, so was obviously enjoying it.

So DH reched in with his hand and rubbed Leo's back, and Leo just moved away.

So I've just spent some time with him, and poked my fingers through the cage to give him a face rub, and he just moved away, so I reached into the cage and slowly approached him, and he put his head down initially (he's just scared), but I patted his head, then rubbed around his head and chin, and he lifted up his head and closed his eyes and rubbed against my hand He was really enjoying the head rub, and even half rolled onto his side!

He was such a good boy, and is definitely calming down and hopefully beginning to realise we're here to help. After I patted him, he went over to his dry food and had a munch on that, and he'd eaten most of the wet food I gave him this morning, and has even used his litter tray

I think he might be like Lily - very shy, but loves the attention. So maybe he was dumped because he wasn't an affectionate lap cat?

I patted him down his back and he felt pretty skinny. I thought he was a big boy, but it seems he's just a skinny boy with a big build Who knows how long he's been left to fend for himself for.

I really don't want to let him go now until I find a home for him! Unfortunately he's in the spare room, and we have a friend arriving on Wednesday, and staying until Sunday, then another friend arriving on Monday and leaving Wednesday.

So I think I'll plan on keeping him until Wednesday so he doesn't have to get moved elsewhere too seen and stressed even more, then see if the rescue group can find a foster family to take him from Wednesday.

I've now got photos up here -
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He sounds like he can be a little love bug!
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Your a hero Sarah..... he's a doll baby....
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I just spent some more time with him, and got him rolling over again with head rubs only this time - he PURRED!!!!!

He's got quite the little motor in him

I opened the cage doors so he could explore the room and he didn't come out, so I kept on patting him, but when DH came into the room, he ran out the back of the cage and hid under the bed.

So it's good he's out of the cage, hopefully he'll have a bit of an explore when he's ready. I'll try to spend lots of time with him, and give him lots of loving and hopefully he'll keep on improving
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The little guy has had the full run of the spare bedroom since Friday night and is doing well. He still hides, but we can coax him out to the edge of the bed for snuggles, which he loves. He's eating well, but not really drinking much.

I picked him up before as well, and his eyes went wide with fear fro being brought out from under the bed and he just cowered against me. I put him on the bed, and he just leaned against me, but stayed while I patted him and talked to him, then he ran under the bed again.

He really is a lot smaller than I realised - I'd be surprised if he was much older than 1.
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Oh that poor baby. Thank God you are looking after him. There is no telling what his life was before but he sounds like hes at least willing.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I really hope you can get someplace to take him in & find him an indoor home. He sounds like such a doll.
He does sound like a little darling..poor scared thing
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I was just in with the little sweetheart, and patting him, and he curled up to fall asleep, so I moved my hand away a bit, and he reached out, put his paw on my hand, then closed his eyes and fell asleep again

But then he heard voices outside, and jumped up and hid in the corner

I'm planning his ad - I'm thinking he'd be best in a quiet, indoor only home, probably with another cat. Being a quiet male, he'd probably be fine with any other sort of cat - as long as they're not a bully.
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Well going by the pictures you showed us of him curled up under the bed, he looks very happy and healthy. I LOVE those stripes
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Just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time on this sweet boy. I love his photos, he reminds me of my Tweety.

He is lucky to have found you and be on his way to a forever home
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