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Figaro-The littlest Teddy Bear *Cuteness Warning*

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OMG! No, I have not fallen in love with this boy in less then 3 hours.

I'd like to introduce my newest foster bottle baby, Figaro. He's a stunner, be forewarned. The tips of his ears are curled, he's got Karen's Abby's chubby cheeks going on. And he's so soft. Playful, too. Smells of kitty litter box, but a bath can fix that. OK, he smells just plain putrid. Like the worst diarrhea you've ever smelled.

I retract the sweet statement....he just bit my hand hard.

You can see just how "yellow" he is in these pics:


His "sexy" pose

Still posing...

He really is yellow the entire "white" patches on his body

He's a daredevil, jumped into my lap off the desk

Who couldn't love this face?

Right now, he's searching my arms up & down for a place to bite. But, HA to him! I'm one step ahead after learning from entire bare arms are covered in Bitter Apple Spray! LOL
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awww natalie!!! he's just adorable!!!
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OMG what a sweet baby!

I'll move this to Fur Pics.

The cuteness warning was a MUST on this thread! (Good thing we can't smell him, huh? )
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I didn't put this if Fur Pics? Guess I was a little excited to share Figaro! And....he's asleep on my arm right now.
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he does not look happy yet
but i am sure you can change that
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That's the thing. Figaro is fat. His "adoptive momma" must've been feeding him well! Aside from the pee/poo smell & the icky color, he's in great shape! But, we want to get momma spayed & on a farm as she's a we figured he has best be bottle fed so she can get outta the cage before she hurts herself.
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He's going to be a charmer. Especially when he gets that warm clean kitten smell back to him.
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Oh good grief look at that gorgeous muffin! He'll be all fluffy and smelling lovely once he's had a bath
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well he is such a darling - and a perky little one for sure
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Even yellow he is adorable. I can see why you fell for him.
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Oh my god, how CUTE!!!! (And the other pics you posted.) He loks a lot like Marge at that age, but she had more of the grey "mask".

I saved one of the pics as my wallpaper; I often do this with photos here, so, when hubby fires up the pc, he gets a surpirise to brighten his day (he adores cats).

Thanks for posting the pics!

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Oh my goodness!!! What a sweetheart!!! Just needs a little cleaning and he'll be as good as new!! I love the eyes!!! Wow!!
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Oh MY! He is so cute! He almost looks like he notices the stinky smell.
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Thanks for the cuteness warning

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He's a little cutiepie...
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