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Falling off the cat tree

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Puff cracks me up sometimes. So today I was cleaning the house and I hear a thud in the living room. Then I see Puff getting up from his side. He was on his cat tree taking a nap. I found him on my sewing table. I guess he got a little too comfy and fell off.

Silly kitty.
Anyone elses cat do this? btw he is ok. It was a short fall onto my sewing table.
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Oh lord, Harley has done that so many times! Off the cat tree, off a window sill, off a counter! I just love the look he gives me when he sees that I caught him. "What?? Didn't you know I MEANT to do that?"
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Oh lord, Harley has done that so many times! Off the cat tree, off a window sill, off a counter! I just love the look he gives me when he sees that I caught him. "What?? Didn't you know I MEANT to do that?"
lol. Yes I know the look. Poor Puff was sound asleep and to be so rudely awakened like that.. well lets just say his facial expressions were priceless. Too bad Mr. Digital was put away.
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I have my desk a few inches away from the wall on the side nearest a wall just because I don't want to be smacked up against the window...

Well, Princess's blanket is on that side and she has rolled over and right onto the floor a couple of times.

I've moved my desk a bit further away from the wall now so that she has more room.

And yes, I get that look too when I do catch her before she falls .. "What, Meowmy? I meant to do that".
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Falling down in the middle of a nap happens quite often in my house among the young ones. The older cats seem to be more "balanced".
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I love when they do this! "What? Me, fall? Well, yeah, of course I meant to do that. Cats are graceful, doncha know? And yes that was a perfect landing. Stop laughing at me!"
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haha, yeah, both my cats have done that.

Abby likes to lay on the 3/4 wall. Well it's more than 3/4 it's about a foot from the ceiling. She sometimes likes to lay where the two walls meet. One time she was so sound asleep that she rolled over and right off the wall and in the process broke my sconce shade on the light on the wall. The bad thing is I rent and I have to replace it. She's also rolled out of bed. But I think I had a hand in that, lol. I have a waterbed and it's possible that she was "bounced" out when I rolled over and caused a wave, lol

Chynna has rolled off the bed and the table. One time when she rolled off the table she landed funny and hurt her front leg It wasn't broken or anything, just sprained. She limped around a bit for a few weeks and then was her old self again. Now she tends to not lay on the table and prefers to lay on things somewhat closer to the ground unless I'm near her.
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I love it when they do something goofy like that and then look at you with that "What? I meant to do that, now let us never speak of it again" look.

Bella always does that when she slides into a wall (not a common occurance, but the end of her running drag strip happens to be a very slick linoleum floor). She'll bounce back, shake her head and give me that look...then maybe bonk Stanley in the head.
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RB Astrid did that from our TV. When the console TV died we got a portable and placed it on top. Warm place to nap. One day Astrid got too relaxed and rolled off.

It also happened to a dog my granparents had. Blondie (blonde cocker spaniel) was not allowed on the furniture but got caught napping on the back of the sofa. My grandmother walked in and was about to say something when Blondie rolled off. Grandma says the look on her face was of "YOU PUSHED ME!".
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What I really love is when another cat witnesses it! One time Harley fell off the counter, gave me the "I meant to do that" look, starts licking his paws very calmly, then looks up to see Little One 3 feet away just staring at him (I swear, she was laughing!). He swatted at her but wasn't close enough to get her, turns his back, flicks his tail...and then lays under the buffet like he was depressed. It was too cute! He thinks he is king of the household...oh, pride goeth before the fall, or whatever that saying is.
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Ferris' behind is much heavier than his front, and he doesn't lie down, he DRAPES himself. Because his fur is SO soft and fuzzy, he is forever sliding off surfaces he is lying on, including cat trees.

I have to TRY not to laugh at him.
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lol. These are all great. Keep em coming.
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What's even funnier is when Jake does it He's rolled off the bed a number of times..Of course, the kits laugh at him

Duke is notorious for falling off the condo. He looks at me from 15 feet away like "You wench, you pushed me, I KNOW you did" flicks his tail and walks away
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