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I miss em so much :(

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I'm kitty-sick. Its like being homesick.

I was hospitalized today, and will likely be here for a couple of weeks or until I give birth, whichever comes first. Abbey and Kaeli have my DH and kids to take care of them and purrz with, but its just not the same. They've been extra cuddly lately and this just doesn't cut it. I need my fill of purrz and cuddles or I'm gonna go nuts! I miss the kitties more than I miss my kids right I guess that's coz the kids just came to visit.

I know they're gonna wonder where I am, and why I'm not in my bed anymore like I'm supposed to be.

I wanna go home, just long enough to get some purrz.
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I couldn't do with out cuddling my kitties.

Here are some cyber rubs - I know they aren't the same - but sooner than you realize, you will be getting the real thing.
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Aw, you'll be home before you know it and with your kitties! Hope everything works out for you and the baby.
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Y'know... when my father was in the hospital, and then in the rehab unit, for over three weeks with his six-way heart bypass, he became so depressed that we felt we just had to do something... and we were fostering these two tiny kittens for the shelter...

So one night after hours, my mom and I slipped in with a small softside suitcase loaded with comfy towels and a little litterbox and two noisy six-week-old kittens! My mom and I had to keep jabbering the whole time, down the corridors and on the elevator, to try to cover the mewing!

And of course we got caught anyway. My father was sitting up in bed grinning with these little bitty furballs playing on top of his sheets, and the night nurse walked in and said, "Oh! What have you got there?"

Silence for just a moment. Then I said, "Uhoh. Are you gonna have to transfer him to maternity?"

The nurse laughed and kept our secret, and Papa's spirits were lifted like magic.

So maybe your DH could engage in a little smuggling...? (Smuggling for the purpose of snuggling, so to speak...)
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i can understand , i spent a few years without, any pets, No cats, no dogs, nothing but fish. To me a house is lonely place without some four legged friends running around.
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I can just see you trying to smuggle in your mewing package without getting caught, the thought is pretty funny! Its amazing how much better a ball of fur can make you feel.

I wish I could have a kitty smuggled in for snuggles! That'd make me sooo happy. But sadly they're both a bit big and they really hate change.

I just called DH and woke him up, told him he'd better have their fave fuzzy blanket on the bed and be calling them up to cuddle.

I've got my stuffed kitty named Kitty here with me, she's better than nothing, but doesn't purr very loudly
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When I was having my gall bladder out (1980) we just had a litter born and I missed them. I was in surgical intensive care for a couple of days and that was on the ground floor and Dad found my window. I tried to get him to bring a kitten to the window but he couldn't.

Just last year I was in for 2 weeks after surgery on my leg and missed Aristotle so much. (And getting on TCS) My aunt bought me a stuffed kitty. I named her (a calico) Comfort Kitty and she helped me get through my chronic back pain. (All this following a car wrecK.)
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Awww, that would be hard for sure. How long will you be in there?
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Even though you miss them, if you are in the hospital it is the best place for you to be. Did you bring pictures of them?
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I've got online pics... and my stuffed kitty named Kitty that's getting a lot of wierd looks from the nurses since I'm 31 :P

I could be here up to a couple of weeks or so.. ugh.

So I'll keep hanging out here on TCS looking for new kitten posts and other happy warm fuzzy things.

Everyone go scratch your kitties for me, give em a rub and enjoy a purr!
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Aww sweetie!! I dont blame ya for being home sick. You will be in and out in no time.....

I think smuggling a kitty is a great idea!!
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