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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
I have no preference I adopt based on the individual animal and my heart
same here. I have two boys right now and hope to have a girl kitty someday.
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I thought I only liked boy cats and I thought Zissou was a boy for the first few hours she was around.

But she's a girl, and one of the best cats ever (ok, ok, maybe I'm biased). Honestly, I feel that if they're spayed/neutered before they reach sexual maturity there isn't any sex-based characteristics. Now, of the cats I've known who've been strays and then adopted I like boys better, but I don't have a lot to go on.

Plus girl kitties stay smaller, the less to bruise me jumping off of things!
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I've only actually had 3 male cats in my life, the rest were female. But I truely think that they are more affectionate (though females are quite affectionate too) and mor ewilling to just sit on your lap, and snuggle with you for long periods of t ime. So i like them just about the sam ei guess, but sorta leaning towards males because i like cats like that.
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I wanted to clear up, in case there were any misconceptions, that I also do adopt on personality. When I was first looking for a cat I did look at several cats, both male and female, but it was a week after Christmas and not onlly were there not many cats, there were not many females. Then I saw a picture of Loki online and I knew I had to meet him. When I found Possum's picture online I wasn't seriously looking for another cat (just considering it), and then I saw him, and again I knew I had to meet him. He was the only one I looked at. I am biased for male cats, but if I found a female one who I knew was perfect for me I'd get her.

Still, I would only consider female dogs, though. I know there are wonderful male dogs out there, because I've met, dogsat, and loved them, but there's something about female dogs that I just love more.

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Ive had a very special relationship with a female cat, but with Niles and Manytoes (and my parents' unaffectionate but lovabe Bighead), I definately prefer boys. I like their sulky attitudes and rambunctious antics. Also, in my personal experience, boys have been way more affectionate and interactive. Still, I could definately use a nice princess for a change...
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Females, but I am more on personality, I wouldn't rule out a male either. Our female is very affectionate and such a sweetheart.

Dogs, I own both and what I prefer is more based on personality and energy matches than size, breed, looks, etc.
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