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Spice Cupboard

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Is your spice cupboard as messy and disorganized as mine was??

I had bought some Tupperware Spice Containers several years ago (two of the large sets of the large and 2 sets of the small), but they take up so much room, and I have way more spices than that. In addition to those Tupperware containers I also had bags and spice bottles. It was a mess. I have to unload almost the whole cupboard to find anything, and to dig out the Tupperware containers from the back. Plus many of the large Tupperware containers were less than 1/2 full, and some even less than 1/4 full so there was so much wasted space.

Today when I was shopping I bought 12 - 125ml canning jars with lids. I can't believe how little room they take up! I can stack 4 jars in my cupboard, so 12 jars only makes a row of 3 and I can still fit another stack of 4 next to it.

I need to get another 2 boxes of those jars because I have a ton of spices. I can't wait to get rid of all of those little plastic spice containers and bags!

Not sure what I'm going to do with the Tupperware ones. Maybe I can use them around my sewing machine for buttons and things.
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ours is pretty organized. everything is turned the same way and clearly labeled so i can see it (i'm short so i'm always having to break out the little step stool so the more clean i keep it the easier it is to see and find things in there)
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I don't have a whole lot of shelf space, so I keep my spices in magnetic tins sort of like these http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...sin=B000MM8WRY
and just set them on the side of my fridge, where they're not in the way of anything else. Works great!
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Oh I like those magnetic ones! How much do they hold and how strong is the magnet?
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Hmm...they definitely hold all of those smaller containers of spices...I think it might depend on the spice if they hold all of the larger containers. Mine aren't exactly like that, I get them from World Market for about 2 bucks a container. The magnet is decently strong (doesn't fall off the fridge but you don't have to tug forever to get it off) and they have little shaker holes and a "pour" hole in them too that you just rotate the cap to get to. I think they're great.
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