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siamese cat behavior, help for my mum

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Hello from a brand new kitten...

My mom has two siamese cats, both male. One is a lynx point, the other blue. She has had trouble with them, well, with some sort of fluid leakage. She finds these sweet-smelly stains on and in the places they like to sleep which includes the furniture, her bed, etc. She has never seem them do the deed, only finds the evidence later.

The vet says that he does not know what this is, and my mum is tired of washing her bed clothes three or four times a week. She loves her kitties and does not want to restrict where they sleep, but they are ruining all the furniture and she is at the end of her rope. She has tried spraying the furniture with "cat away", and has resorted to covering her furniture with plastic.

The cats are about three months apart in age and are from the same breeder (we cannot locate this breeder). They were bred for temperment, and are sweet, talkative lap-snuggly kitties. They have the same father.

Any ideas???
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I have two Siamese cats, and have bred several litters. I have not had this problem, so I assume it has nothing to do with the Siamese breed. I too would consult another vet. I would take the material with me to the vet also. Has Mom asked the breeder about this problem? Did she get a health certificate for them? Good luck!
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A few things. I feel you should also go back to that vet, or a different one, one who is more willing to help you figure out what is wrong instead of "I don't know" and then dismissing you.

Bring a sample of it in. A unclean sheet/pillow etc, as fresh as possible.
Do the cats owner ever feel any wet spots on their puddies? She should check their bodies every day to see if she can find anything, wet or dry and crusty.

As for the breeder, what do you mean you can't locate her? Is she a bad breeder and skipped town? Or more likely that she is in the middle of a family crisis and isn't answering her phone?
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My vote is for blocked anal glands. But, this discharge would be really foul smelling. Has she noticed any other odd behaviour, or litter box problems? Here's some info:

Anal Gland Info
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Russian: Indeed, that's the one thing that's throwing me off, is how she discribed the smell.

I have smelt both urine, spraying, and anal glands, and I wouldn't classify any of those as sweet, lol!

And what colour are the stains when they are wet, and once they dry?
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Thanks, everyone...

Yes, the cats are neutered, and I think my mum did bring in a "sample" to her vet, but I will make sure she does so.

A new vet is a good idea. I had not even thought of that, how embarassing!

As far as the breeder is concerned, her kitties were on the cover of cat fancy shortly before we bought them (a coincidence), and we think that she moved away. He husband was out of work and in poor health when we got the kitties (I have one, too, a pretty seal point female).

I will check that link to learn about the anal sacs. Though I think I will eat dinner *first*.

I will pass along info to my mum, and on behalf of myself, my mum, Asparagus, and Mushroom, we thank you.

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I have raised& Breed Siamese cats for 7 years and never had or heard of this. I agree its time for a new vet. Please post a answer aFter you have seen a vet,I would like to know more. Thanks Sherral
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Could the wet spots be drool from when the kitties were asleep? From your description of the smell, it doesn't seem like anything coming from the 'back end'. I know a few people who wake up in the morning with a little drool patch under their mouths and it sounds similar...
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If it turns out to be nothing healthwise, maybe she could train them to their own cat beds and not worry about the stains, though being Siamese they will probably not go for the idea.
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