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is it worms?

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today my 2 kitttens one who my mom took for the night to give me a break and one i kept both had a small amount of blood in there stools, well there diahrea! we went to care a lot pet store to see about worm stuff but all was for 6 weeks and older and mine are only 4 weeks old i belivie they are acting normal and eating regulary but it jst worried us about the blood and the vet was closed so my moms gonna call towmorrow morning to talk to our family vet and see what to do, but when they are 6 weeks old me and my boyfriend were gonna take them to our care a lot pet store on a saturday where this old retired vet coulple does shots and stuff for way cheaper they get all there shots and dewormed for $22 so what do i do til then if they have worms?? i guess the vet will let us kno towmorrow but im sooo worried! no more blood has been found tho thank god but im still soo concerend!!
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i wouldn't worry until then if they have worms. I am sure they do, majority of kitten are born with worms and it is good to routinely deworm them. It IS important though to find out what the old couple at the pet store are going to deworm them with. If it is a Pyrantal then thats great, but if it is just some OTC dewormer that they sell there, then I wouldn't let them deworm the kittens.
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oh, so i should ask them about it? the lady gave me a flyer last time i was there with my kittens adn sayd they do it on saturdays bc they are retired and want t o help out ppl bcc with th e vet office visit its expensive. and they wanted to get more ppl to help there animals out. so anything else i should ask them abot before i let them give them shops and stuff? i mean its at a big names pet store not jsut some old rickety shop lol but thanks for telling me ill deffintly make sure to ask... od you kno how much it is to get all there needed shots and deworm them at a regular vet? thanks a bunch!
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i don't know, i do it all myself, depends on the vet. Some vets around her charge close to $40, the vet I used to go to for vax and deworm charged $12 for vax and free deworming.
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