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Dinner Time

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No, not for the kitties, for me.

This is how they like to sit and watch me as I sit down to eat my dinner.

I was going to make some smug comment about my boys being the perfect gentlemen and staying off the table while I try to eat when this happened:

Pekoe lunges for the food... can't win them all, can you?
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Awwww look at their little faces!
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you have quite an audience!!
Stan is usually a gentleman at the table, but he just loses it at the sight of silverware! I don't know what it is, but he just loves to play with forks
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aww heck, how can you concentrate and eat with those little faces peering at you
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That is too cute! Reminds me of dinner here, Tessa will sit at the table if she can get on the chair, she rarely goes on the table...the other girls well they go up in my room and eat their own food or else u wont have a dinner to eat yourself, although they are good for me when I am eating, just not my mom and dad And willie is an absolute angel! But look at your cuties, that is just too cute
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Those first 2 pics are soo cute! That last one is hilarious!
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