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Maxximum Nutrition brand

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I need to switch my cats to a less expensive food, temporarily. Fortunately I have enough right now to last a while, so I don't need to decide on a brand right away. I was wondering about Maxximum Nutrition, since I've seen it recommended here. I can't seem to find an ingredient list online. Does anyone have a bag of the adult food, and if so, would you mind posting the ingredients? I would really appreciate it.
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I searched an old post and found the first 6 ingredients:

Chicken Meal

Brewer's Rice

Fish Meal

Corn Gluten Meal

Beef Tallow

The list is from a few years ago though.
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Here's the list off my current bag (sorry, it's a bit wrinkled)- if you can't read them, just say so, and I'll type them up after dinner . These are "clickable thumbnails" so hopefully they will come up big enough...

I mix mine with Felidae Chicken and Rice. I pay about $11-$12 for an 8 lb bag of Maxximum- not that much less than my Felidae C&R per lb, actually, but I had a cat to fatten up who loves the Maxximum, and I wanted something that was easy to get to in case I ran out and couldn't get to the pet store right away (30 min drive, one way ).
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i used to feed that for my cats, but was NOT amused when they went from $4 a 4lb bag to $6, and to $10 for a 8lb bag from $6.

so now i get Pro Plan for when they are kittens, cause i got one HECK of a deal on 4lb tubs ( $4 for 4lb tubs) and bought 10. once they get older, i prob feed Nutro.( thats what i did for my kittens, now adults) with my fosters, i am adopting out as many as i can, and ones i cant another foster mom is taking.
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Thanks, everyone! It looks like the ingredients have improved over the past few years. I'm disappointed to hear that the price has gone up, though. I'll check and see what it costs here. Authority might be cheaper - I can get that for $10 for 8 lbs.
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