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My excellent bargain!

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So this is a good news bad news story, but it ends well

I had to take off work today to chauffeur my dad to the hospital for some outpatient surgery. This literally ate up the day (from 7:30 AM to 4 PM), but I am happy to report that he came through ok and the only casuality was my mother's nerves. He also came out with two prescriptions which I gladly volunteered to get filled for him. Then he informs me that the pharmacy that accepts his insurance is in the middle of a road work zone in a crappy strip mall.
I risk my life in rush hour traffic to get the Rx and next door is a bizarre store called "Ocean State Job Lots" which is apparently some sort of closeout deal (kind of like the Odd Lots stores I've seen elsewhere). I got some yummy Lindt chocolate (not the usual kind, the wrapper didn't have any English at all) all 70% cacao for two dollars each, a double wide cosmic catnip cardboard scratcher for three dollars and...the best part, this 30" tall kitty scratch post for fifteen dollars!!

Looked like there's a lot of cool stuff there (also a lot of junk)...I may risk life, limb and fender going back tomorrow.
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very cool! my kitties are jealous.

i always find cool stuff for cheap for the cats at Big Lots (though i rarely go). we have another lots type store here called Gordman's that has high end pet dishes for dirt cheap. right now they have tall cat condos for dirt cheap & i have a 20% off coupon...and my husband suggested we get a tall condo for raven. i think kitty is getting a new fort soon.
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My kitties are jealous too!! I so need to get one of those. I have some cardboard boxes behind my bookcase that they occasionally use but they are pretty worn. I notice that Abby has been starting to scratch the back of my wicker back chairs
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