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Onyx not eating enough...

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My cat Onyx...who has CRF is really not eating enough. I have tried everything from the Hills from teh vet to baby food (no onions and garlic). He will lick a little of the baby food up and then shake and slowly almost lay his head down and fall asleep. He drinks cat milk w/taurine a little. I cannot get him to drink much water at all. He can't see it well. The vet didn't give him too much time and there aren't alot of vets in my area. He comes out to see me when I get home from work and periodically through the day when I am home. Other than that, he sleeps. I estimate he probably eats about 1/2 to a 1/4 of a small jar of baby food at day and a saucer of cat milk. He weighs 14 pounds currently, and he looks so skinny he spine is clearly visible. He weighed 17 pounds about 2 months ago. I am very worried. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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do you know how to syringe feed???
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I have been doing that but it stresses him out so much I feel bad. I guess I am worried about his quality of life...He fights so much against it. I will keep trying...thanks!
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Have you asked the vet about appetite stimulants? CRF kitties sometimes have problems with stomach acid making them nauseous, so you may want to ask whether Pepcid or something similar may help.

Also, syringe or assist feeding can really be a life-saving technique. Often, it can help kick-start their appetite (especially if they've stopped eating altogether), and they may begin to eat on their own after a while.
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I have found a way that he will eat. I have to have him on my lap and start syringe feeding him. Then after a few squirts he will lap it up off the plate. I am still concerned about him not eating enough though because I can only feed him 3 times a day. Once before I leave for work , once after, and another time later in the evening. Also, he will not drink water. I have been mixing water into his food and giving him cat milk with taurine added for some liquid. He cannot see the water well and so he basically frustrates himself by sticking his nose into it and he gives up. I have also been syringing him water.
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Okya, well I brought him to the vet again and the vet said he had the beginning stages of hepatic lipodosis and put him on a highly concentrated diet I have to give him 5 times a day...the good thing is, Onyx loves the food and eats it on his own. He also had SubQ Fluids, Penicillin in the fluid, he is taking Amoxicillin every 12 hours as a preventative measure against infection. (His temp is normal but apparently when the liver is doing poorly, the immune system can be compromised) He already looks so much better. He ate twice today alreeady and I even saw him drink some water out of the drinkwell fountain. He still just walks back to his bed afterward but he is much more steady on his feet and not in the meatloaf position. The vet wanted to admit him for 3 days but that would've been over 1500.00 and we couldn't afford that. But, since Onyx is now eating on his own, I have hope I can nurse him back to health...
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I'm so glad you found something he will eat. That's the first step. I wish you loads of luck with him. The subqs sometimes help a great deal. I'm adding you and Onyx to my prayers.
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Thank you...
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You and Onyx will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope Onyx makes a full and complete recovery and returns to his happy self!
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Onyx is eating and I am proud to report that his skin inside his ears has turned back to its normal color from the slight yellow tinge it had before. I am a little concerned still because I havn'e quite gotten him up to the can and a half the vet wants him to eat a day. That seems like a lot...I guess one day at a time. Thanks for everyone's support!
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