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Our new adopted kitty

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Hi everyone! The attached picture (I hope it worked and the pictures show!) is of our newly adopted rescue kitty. I found her at a local animal control shelter. It was love at first site! My Himi Putman welcomed her with open paws and has "fallen in love" with her. The picture of the two of them shows the difference in their size! The vet believes she is abt 1 yr old and Putman is 9 yrs old.

Mystical her 3rd day with us:

Mystical and Putman:
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WOW I'm such a sucker for long haired putties
Very nice markings on that one too. I'm glad she found a good home who welcomed her with open arms.
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She's just beautiful!! I can see why Putman fell in love instantly, and why you did too. Is she just a little thing or is he just that big (not fat, just a big boy)? They are so cute together.
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What a cutie pie! I agree with Heidi, I can see why Putman took her in with open paws. She may be small, but from that first picture you can tell she has a big spirit. Give her a snuggle for me!
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She is a cutie! Glad to hear they like each other! It makes things so much easier!
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She is so cute! I really like the second picture too!
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Both of your cats are just beautiful!!! And that was so good of you to rescue her!!! What a little sweetie she is!!! Thanks for the pictures!!
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Wowee!! What gorgeous kitties!! They make the "perfect couple"!!
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So precious! Really, really beautiful. They both are. I'm so glad you rescued her! ...and they ARE a great couple!!!

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Thank you all for your wonderful kind words about my two kitties!

Heidi, Putman is an over sized Himi, weight and size! My vet said we should have called him "Pudge-man"!

Mysti is really doing great! I FINALLY found a food she will eat. She sure is a picky girl! She likes Dick VanPattens Natural Balance. She is starting to put on some weight now and feeling so much better. Her personality is really coming out as well. She runs around like a "MAD WOMAN"!! Just looking at her expressive face, makes me smile!

Thanks again everyone! Mysti and Putman thank you all as well!
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Mysti has a beautifully soft expression. I'm so glad Putman likes her so well--with no adjustment period. That's really unusual! But we want to see Putman's face too. We're a bit greedy about pictures around here!
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