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What Was Your Favorite Wedding Gift

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I need to buy a wedding gift in 2 weeks and need ideas. I do not want to give money or a gift certificate. I would love to get a bible but I have no idea what religion if any the couple is. The groom is my husband's cousin. So what was your favorite or most memorable wedding gift?
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Hmm not married so I can't help. I am trying to think of something I WANT when I get married. Probably money! Its more useful than 1/2 the crap that is given anyway.
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For my dad's wedding to his 2nd wife- I gave them a bible. Then I read a verse out of the bible at the wedding. IMO They would prefer money or gift certificate over a gift they won't ever use....
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a unity candle that we used at the ceremony sent to us from relatives in Austria. It was specially made for us with our names and the wedding date on it - we still have it.
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I'm going to a wedding for my cousin this weekend. I remember how much I appreciated money when DH and I were married so, that's what they are getting too.
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My favorite was probably a photo album that my aunt embroidered with our names and wedding date in a heart.
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I'll be married 22 years in September-gifts I still use: The gas grill, my paper towel holder, beer glasses and my stoneware dishes. One of my favorite gifts was a watercolor done by one of my bridesmaids mom who is a professional artist. I love violets and she painted a scene of violets at a base of a tree.
Are they registered anywhere?? I think useful instead of fun for gifts-can you chip in wth anyone??
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I usually mat and frame the invitation. So far, so good . I also try to include a matching frame and mat for their wedding photo.
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My generous in-laws gave us $2500, which went straight into the house-buying fund. Most of the guests gave us checks; I know it's not supposed to be proper, but they were all close relatives, and I didn't ask for money--my Mom asked me what we'd like, so I felt I could ask her and my brothers for money, being very close relatives, and I think they mustv'e passed the message on! Everyone knew we wanted to get out of the apartment, and buy a house very soon after the wedding. I was so grateful for the funds, as I paid for the wedding AND for the house downpayment and closing costs! To me, it was the best gift--and one that keeps on giving every day, as we love the house!

For my shower, Mom gave me sterling silver candlesticks, which looked like th eones Grandmom had (Dad melted them down during the '80's silver boom, thinking he could sell the silver!). They were always on our mantlepice when I was a kid, and would have gone to me after Mom died. I found a similar pair in a catalog, and put them on my registry. They're an heirloom. I think wedding gifts should be a mixture of practical and heirloom stuff. The practical stuff may get ruined with use; so then you'll still have the heirlooms to remind you of the wedding day (and to pass down through the family--I never had that--so it's important to me, even though I tend to like practical gifts much more).

Does the couple have a favorite store or restaurant? How about a gift card for them? Not as crass as cash for some people

Do they like fine wine? How about a few bottles, or wine items?
Or gourmet food? Or do they like to cook/grill/bake, etc.? Pack a nice basket full of those items, or a picnic basket.

Do they like the opera or baseball? How about season tickets (as long as they don't plant to move from the area!)?

What hobbies do they like? Stuff for those wuld be nice, too.

Do they have pets? If their pets are their life, how about some luxury items for the pets?

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I was married once, long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth... and my favorite gift came from my grandmother on my mom's side. It was just a big cardboard box wrapped in brown paper and string for mailing... and when I opened it, it was full of old dishtowels, kitchen gadgets, a couple of mixing bowls... things I remembered from Grandma's kitchen when I was a kid! The very best thing in the box was a pair of glass salt-and-pepper shakers with little violets hand-painted on them. They had sat on Grandma's stovetop ever since I could remember, and I loved them dearly. (What really made me laugh, though -- Grandma just left the salt and pepper in 'em!)

Of course, that's not the kind of present just anyone can give (or would appreciate receiving). My favorite traditional present was a set of big, lidded wicker baskets stuffed full of beautiful terrycloth towels -- bathtowels in the papa basket, handtowels in the mama basket, and washcloths in the baby basket.
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