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If Your Cat Was a Star, Who Would It Be?

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Considering the way Precious rolls around on the love seat when my husband pets her, she is definitely a sex kitten, but she was also a great mother, so I think she would be Demi Moore.

Blueberry is not happy unless he's on a lap, getting petted and keeping warm. However, before Precious got spayed he was quite a Don Juan, so--let's see, sensitive, yet a lady's man? Well, maybe Robert Redford. Hey, where's the million dollars?
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:laughing: :laughing:

John, George, Ringo and Paul

I had to GO THERE...LOL!
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Ivo sleeps all day and bitches when she's awake-she'd be Archie Bunker or Al Bundy
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Opie: suave, debonair, laid-back - definitely, Cary Grant!

Rowdy: hell-raiser, party girl, druggie (catnip) - Janis Joplin!
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Peedoodle, hard to think of what star he would be, he is sweet, but he is also a hellraiser, likes to play tricks on me. Probably Dennis the Menace! Or that boy from Home Alone!
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Let's see. Sugarly would be some type of recluse tempermental star like Bette Davis. Pepperpot would have to be an action star like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. Excalibur is a ladies man so Mel Gibson. Striker is slightly neurotic so Billy Bob Thorton (he has more phobias then most anyone I have ever heard of). Merlin is a devilish charmer so Jack Nicolson.
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Hmmm, lessee,
Truffle : gorgeous and she knows it, a b*tch to other cats, makes unbeliveable demands.. = J Lo

Shandy: Bossy, high pitched, never does what you want her to = Mariah Carey!?!?

Pip: small, chubby, hilarious, indecisive, cute as a button, scardy = Ummmm, I have no idea!! Any suggestions?!?!?!

Ash: HUGE, dumb, unusual voice (and loud) = Arnie maybe?? Or Sylvester Stallone?? Hmmmm, he's not as "active" as those guys though, maybe more of a John Candy!?!?!?! :laughing:

Bod: amazing, best cat in the world, a real smoochie love, soooo must be = Heath Ledger or Mel Gibson...

Monty: Hmm, he's just nuts, plain nuts, tall and gangly thin, = John Cleese :laughing:

Merlot: WUSS, soppy, wimpy, a total whinger but soo loveable = I have no idea!!
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Pip could be Danny Devito?

Merlot could be Graham Norton?

Whaddya think?

My lot - well, Fifi is a beauty queen, stunning. Quite a chatterbox and incredibly sweet and lovable (+ a little rotund), so I think she might be Marilyn Monroe.

Balie is smallish, scared, a mummy's boy with huge mournful and sad eyes, a bit of a bully (thinks he's alpha cat), belligerent and confident on occasions and sulky and withdrawn at other times - I reckon that makes him Robbie Williams.

Ferdy is stocky and chunky. Very demanding with his affection - he WILL sit on your lap or lie on your chest when HE wants to, and very loyal and protective. Loves his food and is a bit of a scavenger. John Wayne? Yeah, and he walks as if he's just got off his horse too!
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Suki would be Grace Jones, beautiful yet deadly :P
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You know Yola, I actually had a fleeting thought of Graham Norton for Merle!! :laughing2 so we'll go with him... and yes Danny Devito sounds about right for Pipsqueak!!
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Pip made me think of Lou Costello, half of the old comedy team, Abbot and Csstello, short, chubby, lovable, scaredy-cat, and always calling Abbot for help! Anyone ever see their old movies?
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Jeanie!! I don't know who that is, but it sounds EXACTLY like Pip!!! :laughing: :laughing:
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Sunshine would definitly be a Joan Collins or a Susan Lucci. Very moody, very attitude!!! A real diva!!
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Bod - have you NEVER seen an Abbott and Costello film?!?!?! They used to show them all the time on Saturday mornings before those ghastly, shreiking kids programmes started.

They were hysterical, and yes, Jeanie's right, Lou Costello would be fab for Pipsqeak. Actually he was just like a more potato-shaped, scaredy version of Danny DeVito (less hairy too - ack. I don't like very hairy men . . . but that's another thread methinks)!
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Hahaha Yola, no I don't THINK I've ever seen one of those films!?!? But I could be wrong, I mgiht recognise it if I saw it.... what year were they popular??
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They spanned the 40s and early 50s in terms of when most of the films were made. They got shown a lot at weekend early mornings up until about 10 or so years ago (maybe a bit more that 10 years - I'm beginning to loose count - LOL).

It was kind of slapstick comedy with Bud Abbot being the straight long-suffering and miserable one, and Lous Costello being the buffoon, clowning around and getting into trouble.

It was very basic and daft, and in today's sophisticated world, probably considered extremely silly. But I found it funny . . . (but them I'm not very sophisticated)!!!

Below is a link to their official website . . .

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Thanks Yola!! Well, I can safely say, I don't recognise them!! ahah!! But then 10 year ago, I was only 10!! So, I was probably busy watching the kids shows!! :laughing: I'd love to see re-runs though
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Yola, Graham Norton is hilarious, so I can imagine Merlot is like.

BuNN, My Faile sounds like your Suki, she's black, too. I was thinking more along the lines of Mariah Carey, pretty, but psycho.

Molly is a love bug to anyone. If it's a lap, she's there. She also sleeps with any houseguests I have. I originally thought Marilyn Monroe, but Molly isn't that glamorous, just very sweet. Maybe Drew Barrymore?
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Alf is turning into Victor Meldrew - with his "I can't believe it!" expression at the constant rain. And he sulks and takes himself off to bed if he can't get his own way.

Ronnie is going to have to be Winona Ryder - as she keeps stealing things (watches, mobile phone covers, washing-up sponges).
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Josephine would be Audrey Hepburn, she is a classic beauty with those o so beatiful big eyes, she also always poses for photos. Auxana would be Rosanne Barr she is big, loud, and bossy, but funny and playful. Sarah would be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman . She is kinda like a hooker that was taken off the streets and turned into a woman born into high society.
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My Cooper would be: Mariah Carey

She's CRAZY, horrible acctress & great singer
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Your answers are so original! I love the Winona Rider and Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts) stories. Well, they're all good!
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There is a funny quiz at emode.com about your cat's true identity. According to the quiz, Ed is like Al Capone. I guess I'll be sleeping with one eye open.
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I did that quiz also, it said that my Peedoodle is a winnie the pooh type LOL
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Trent should be Trent Reznor, since that's who he's named after, but he's not brooding or moody. He's a total lover, very loyal, a bit clumsy, sometimes goofy, and a high-maintenance kitty. Maybe Russell Crowe? Or Hugh Jackman?

Ophelia is very petite, very pretty, loves the camera, skittish, bitchy, very demanding when she wants something, but she purrs and can melt your heart. I think I would say Kate Moss for her. Ophelia definitely has the supermodel attitude.
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He's a total lover, very loyal, a bit clumsy, sometimes goofy, and a high-maintenance kitty. Maybe Russell Crowe? Or Hugh Jackman?
Please, Heidi, Hugh Jackman! While Russell Crowe comes across as a bit of a bore (or leave me the He!! alone), every interview I've seen with Hugh Jackman leaves me wanting to go out for a drink with him (or maybe more, I've got a crush on him as Wolverine in X-Men).
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See, I was seeing Russell Crowe as more of the high maintenance type, while High Jackman as more of the total lover and loyal, sometimes goofy. Well, both of them have done some goofy roles. I think he's really more Hugh Jackman. (I have a crush on his as Wolverine, too! Guess it's that bad boy image or something...)
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As a goofy, nutty with silly antics and great body and facial expression humor - Sheldon HAS to be no one but W.C. Fields. He was named after Sheldon Kornpet DDS in the In-Laws - I guess he could be Alan Arkin. But I'm sticking with WC Fields in the end.

(And I was going to suggest Lou Costello or Winnie the Pooh for Pipsqueak!)

Lazlo - very gentleman-like, mostly plays by the rules. Often formal, very stoic... and ocassionaly with funny antics - Rock Hudson? (I keep thinking of Ice Station Zebra). Rock was gay... but we'll just set that aside. Laz was named after Carl Lazlo, Esq. - from the movie Where the Buffalo Roam. Carl Lazlo was actually a real person, he was a lawyer who specialized in fourth amendment law in San Fran in the 60s... but Lazlo isn't whoever that actor was. He's more like Alan Arkin than Shelly is! But I think maybe Rock Hudson fits. He's so handsome (Lazlo!)

And Munchkin...she's - well - a self-involved stupid female (unfortunately I think she's dumb due to malnutrition during crucial growing phase). She also has that big fluffy chest, and she loves being groomed and pampered. She has to be Mae West. LOL!
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Jedi would definitely be Robin Williams...so funny, so crazy, so unpredictable, so cute, so Mork!

Nanoo Nanoo
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Nanoo Nanoo!!!!
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