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I got Nala, a white 4 years old Persian female cat two months ago from my vet. He toldf me that her family left her for another loving one. She is cute and I was assured that she is healthy. In the first week she was shy and stayed away from Ginger and her daughters. I noticed that she refuses all kinds of food except the dry one (Purina in particular). I tried with her all different food types. The only time she ate a different food was last week when she ate cooked chicken liver. I am afraid that it is not healthy for her. I checked with the vet at first week and he told me that she will be OK. Any advice.
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As long as your kitty is eating something she should be fine. It is not always a good idea to switch foods on cats as it causes digestive upset. I would be more concerned if she were not eating. You are a very caring and responsible cat owner to voice your concerns, but she sounds like she will be fine.
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Amany - as long as your cat is eating the 'complete' dry food - i.e., one that has all the nutrients of a mixed diet she should be OK. I have 1 cat that eats dry only, one that eats a mixture, and one that will only eat wet food.

Each is healthy, as they are getting the nutrients they need in their meals. Purina is a good dry food, so you shouldn't have any problems. You can, as you have done, supplement it with 'human' food - such a liver, chicken, ham or tuna.
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No tuna, or at least not people tuna, too much of it is bad for cats because of the mercury content.

Do you not know what food she was on before?

Some cats can just be picky and may be holding out for something 'else'. With my 3 cats, when I switch to a good food, mostly ones that have some type of berry in them, they wont eat much of it until they get REALLY hungry. Now they eat it every day on schedual and finish it all, because it is all I offer them, and they know it's all they'll get until they finish it.

But the others are right, as long as she's eating something I really wouldn't worry too much.
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Thank you all. Yes she is OK. I agree with you that they differ. Ginger eats everything, while her daughter Cherry eats dry and milk and refuses meats or poultry wet food. I give them also MacKrel- not Tuna, it is so salty for them and they do not like it. Ok I will fix the type of dry food. I was thinking of changing everywhile so they are not bored.
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