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Doggie Dieting Tips?

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My big girl needs to loose 10-15 lbs. I feel horrible for letting her get overweight, but I just wasn't seeing it. She apparently hides her weight well.

Anyways....I'm trying to figure out how to go about doing this. She currently eats Diamond Naturals, 4 cups a day. I cut her back to 3 cups yesterday & she whined & whined & whined & whined.....& then my dad gave her some more food. I talked to him about that. She doesn't like "fillers" like carrots, etc. She also doesn't get many treats.

I'd like to cut her back to 2 cups a day to see how fast she looses the weight....I don't want her to drop it all too fast. I'm also looking at different foods.....what do you think of this one?

She's 4 years old. Has hip things going on. So the gluco/chondro would be a benefit, but IMO, there isn't enough in foods to do a whole lot of good. I haven't got a whole lot of choice here in the boonies....I'd like to keep price down-ish. I've looked at Canidae Platinum & tried samples of the Candiae, but all I end up with is sick dogs.
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How much should your dog weigh?

I have found that the measuring charts on dog food is way too much. I feed my 40-60lb dogs 1 cup of Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul twice daily. You may want to have her thyroid checked as well.

Buddy Bear, my overweight Border Collie had gained 15 lbs over the winter so I ruled out thyroid issues and cut his food back to 1/2 cup twice daily and add green beens as a filler.

All of my dogs have a tendacy to gain weight over the winter time but they drop it by summers end.
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dogs need protein and fat

Diamond s high energy is by product rich so ;(

Can you give her some raw???

Increase the protein to around 25-30 %

Fat can be varied from 10-30 %

The senior looks good I do like the rice oatmeal and flax with chn and egg./..
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She's a Lab/GSP X. Weighs 95 lbs. now needs to be 80-85 lbs. She gained weight over the winter. She also got transitioned to being indoors only(was kenneled outside at night). That can be loosely translated as she parks her blubbery bum on the couch & snores all day.

I'd like to give her raw....but I'd also like to avoid that. She will not be moving with me in a year....so she needs to be on kibble only as nobody here would do raw or homecooked.

As for the food charts, it says 4-5 cups I believe for a dog Macey's size! She's always had food issues....I cut her back to 4 cups from 6(sometimes more) a day.
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If you can and feel free to pick my head find a higher fat formula so shell feel fuller
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I'm feeding my overweight senior on Nutro senior dry.
It has helped his weight drop and has also got his hips looking better when he walks/runs.
He's managed to drop 5 pounds on this stuff and he's got 5 more pounds to go.
He's getting 2 cups a day and does not whine for food or go foraging around the house.
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Anther easy tip, set aside some of the regular amount of food as her "treat." That way she gets a treat, but no extra calories.
Also, my furries love ice cubes.
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