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Having one of Those Days.

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Having my own little pity party here, Have you ever had one of those days. I am tired today, got very little sleep last night, It is hotter then you know what here, I have a headache starting and I am heading off to work shortly..... I have a meeting with my boss this afternoon so there's no chance of ditching that, plus I have a ton of month end paperwork to file today which means I will have to track down a couple of department heads who just don't seem to get the concept that month end means the end of the month..Oh joy. Well now with that off my chest I am ready to proceed.
If I survive the day I will check in latter this evening and let you know if it goes from bad to worse....Wish me luck......
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I'm in the same boat! So, let's have a pity party together....
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I'll join in on that party...

Today was supposed to be my day off and I was supposed to go to the beach. . .

Yet here I am, at work, staring out the huge window to see another gorgeous day that I'm missing out on

With my luck, the next time I have off it will pour.
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count me in on the pity party.

I still don't have a job.
The weather outside is really miserable.
I have a bad case of PMS.
My life is just really confusing right now.

It's just an all-around miserable day.
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It will get better, I promise!
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I'll join the party - I just got rained on. What do you think the Big Guy is trying to tell me?
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I hear you! I sat on the phone with my cellphone company today for an hour (was transfered three times, due to their error) and in the end all they had to tell me was that my web account would be re-activated in 4 hours... the first csr didn't tell me that so I had to wait on the phone and 2 transfers later to find out...Then I got paid today and most my money is already gone for bills ( I get paid bi-weekly and live a serious paycheck to paycheck life), I had to wake up early to take my bf to work (5:30am) and will be working a sad, long, and boring 9.5 hour day... AGAIN (no overtime, just make up time from being sick last week)! Not to mention it takes me 30 minutes to get to my bf's work and then another 30 minutes to get from his work to my work, and then about an hour after work to get to his work! I spend at least 2-3 hours of travel time each day for work... So i feel you on those down days, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day... Good Luck Im hoping the best for you!
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Well it is nice to know I wasn't alone in having a crappy day. I just got home about two hours ago, had a nice cool shower, took a couple of extra strength Advil liquid gels, and sat out on the deck for a bit to relax. The day was pretty much as I expected with a lot of hassles to get other people to meet their deadlines with paperwork. But it's another month before that hassle comes up again so I guess that should be a bit of a bright side.
Turned into a very nice evening here, the temperature outside is just right and it was nice to sit and watch the stars come out, smell the lilacs, and enjoy the peace and quiet.
So as they say at the end of Gone with The Wind
Tomorrow is another day......
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Count me in too. I am still angry! I got about 5 hours of sleep, mom was in a Alzheimer's mood, got stuck with an annoying guy for 6 hours & didn't eat dinner until 10pm tonight See what happens when you don't get a good night's sleep.
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