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I have had some issues with private messages before, and I think I am having them again. I have sent some private messages and I don't think they have gone through. How can I tell if they are getting them or not? Do we still have the receipt function still on here? Does anyone else have this same problem?
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I guess I've never had this problem before, but I haven't been on TCS as long as some of the members here. Hopefully a mod will come along and can help you out Good luck!
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Occasionally I send a PM and it isn't received. Occasionally I also send a PM and it isn't received because I forget to hit submit.

When you are sending the PM, there is an option underneath the text box to get a read receipt. You can just check that box.
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Do I have that option after I send the PM? I went back to see if the people I sent PM's to got it, but I can't find that option to read the receipt.
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You have to click on that when you are sending the PM, or there will be no receipt.

To check receipts, there is a link in the "Folder control options" box when you are in your PM box.
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I found it, thanks
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