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Please Pray for Lazlo

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There's something wrong with Lazlo, our number one cat in so many ways! I love my little kitty boy so much I'm a bit of a wreck today.

It started Tuesday morning before breakfast. He threw up bile. We scooped it up, drove it to the Vets. They said it was bile - he probably ate something hard to digest, or maybe a small piece of plastic or something. Don't feed him breakfast. Keep an eye on him. He seemed OK most of the day - what I would call within normal behavior.

He "rang" for dinner, leading the meow charge, and did his usual figure-8s around our legs. But he only took a couple of licks, and walked away uninterested. We called the Vet. "If he's still not eating in the morning, call us."

Wednesday morning, he ate a little bit of breakfast. So we didn't call the Vet. He played with us a little bit in the afternoon, and seemed in "good spirits." But Wednesday night - not interested in Dinner. And then it was too late.

Thursday - nothing. Wouldn't eat. And now he's not drinking water. We had a guest - so we couldn't tell if his being hunched up in the bedroom was due to that or feeling ill. But after our friend left, he and Munchie ventured out of the bedroom (Shelly just sat about a foot away from Marty and stared at him for about six hours). Munchie chowed as dinner was about four hours later than usual (she and Laz wouldn't even eat in the bedroom. Shelly ate on schedule). But Laz still wouldn't eat. Or drink. He stayed hunched up all night. Friday morning - again, nothing. So now we haven't seen him eat anything, drink water, or go to the bathroom for essentially two days.

We were at the Vet's 15 minutes before they open. Thank God Dr. Leal (the only one we really like) was there. He examined Lazlo and said the good news was that he could feel no blockage nor find any pain response. The bad news was we had to leave him for X-rays all day. (They gave him a Berium (sp?) solution. They took 25 X-rays - nothing. The berium rolled through his system in about an hour (very fast, apparently, even for an empty kitty tummy. Good, because his digestive system is working). We brought him home. He ate and drank nothing. He hunched up in his tube - wouldn't even sleep on his sheepskin (he can't even get on it without kneading, so if he doesn't feel like kneading, he immediately jumps off). He would purr (just a little) when I petted him.

Last night - again. No food, no water (that we were aware of). But there was some throw-up (just bile) on the floor this morning when we woke up.

Dr. Leal called this morning as promised. We told him what was up. He said he'd meet us at the office (he's off today). He wanted to take another X-ray to see if the Berium was still in his colon. It was. So Laz still hasn't gone to the bathroom (and he didn't go while he was at the Vet's all day yesterday).

Dr. Leal said that even though his temperature is normal, it MIGHT be an infection. Since the X-rays reveal nothing, it has to be treated symptomatically. If, after two days, he doesn't respond, then we have to consider other diagnostic options (endoscopy, etc.). So Lazlo got a Saline Solution infusion under his skin to ensure he doesn't dehydrate by Monday. He got a shot of steriods to stimulate his appetite, and he got a shot of antibiotics.

Now we wait. We have antibiotics to give him tomorrow.

I SO PRAY that it turns out to be an infection, and he responds to the antibiotics! He's rolled up in a donut position in his tube - with a big lump of saline solution under his skin.

My poor kitty boy! I am sick with worry - and Gary's not doing to good either.

Lazlo so clearly doesn't feel well, and we can't figure out what's wrong! Please keep him in your prayers. He's our first inside kitty, and he's my little guy.....

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Hi Laurie-

Lazlo is in my prayers as are you and Gary. I know you have cramped quarters but you can help Lazlo along in recovery by constructing him a darkened cave. Even something as simple as an empty cardboard box turned on its' side and draped with a blanket, leaving only a crack underneath between blanket and floor. Ferals when they feel poorly need to find a dark, quiet place to recharge. Give him the softest of bedding you can inside the box, and just let him be to sleep in peace.

I had a kitty with these same symptoms once and it took about 6 x-rays before them found out what was wrong. He had swallowed a plasic spoon and had pieces of it in his system still. Poor guy had to have surgery to get better.
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Aw you poor guys, I feel your pain so much. Your cat is in my thoughts now, I hope he gets better real soon.
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Oh, Laurie, I'm so sorry Lazlo's not well. I will pray that he feels better soon and that the vet will have the correct solution. Bless his little kitty cat heart!
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Thanks so much. It really means so much to me. I love having this space to turn to.

Hissy - just wanted to "reassure" you. The sides of our beds are built up into two levels and are completely filled with places for the cats to hide, sleep, play, or whatever (and not an inch of space for us to walk. It makes it hard to make the bed, but...). We also have the Home Depot tubes Gary bought for them to squeeze into. They also each have a box (lined with blanket) with a little entrance hole cut into it. One box lives on the couch, one is on top of the two-leveled box/tube/crate/small table thingy constructed on the sides of the bed, and one is up on the cooler we store next to the front door.

"Lazlo's Tube" was a gift - it is a nylon tube lined with fake short-sheared sheepskin and is part of the "second level" of cat-hiding space on my side of the bed. That's where he's been holing up. And during the day it is very dark and quiet in there.

Thanks for the info though - we constructed this so they'd have more "square footage" to romp or sleep in, not intentionally as a place for ferals to hide. Guess it's working out well for that purpose too!
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Good thoughts for Lazlo and you and Gary from Ohio. I'm sure he has angels looking out for him.
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Aww, I hope your little guy feels better soon.
I'll be praying.
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Sounds like a feral's paradise to me! Just let him recharge and let the vet have a look at those x-rays.
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Oh Laurie! Sending positive energy to Lazlo and you and Gary. At least you know that he is getting good care from your vet.
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More thanks. At least I'm not crying anymore! Well - not in pain, anyway. In appreciation, now.

...I guess it is, Mary Anne! ...and I just remembered... my Lazlo Avatar (the current one) is baby Lazlo peering out of his box! It was big for him then - it barely fits him now!
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Laurie sweetheart - I'm keeping little Laz in my thoughts hoping with all my might that he starts eating and drinking really, really soon.

Good, strong thoughts to you and Gary . . .
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I am sending healthy healing vibes to Lazlo! I pray that he is all right!
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Awww Laurie!

It's absolutely the worst when you go to the vets, they can't find something wrong, but then the problem only gets worse!

At least you have a great vet to depend on! That is a total comfort in itself. I'm getting worked up on just taking Nakita to be spayed. I can't imagine when/if something like this happens what I'd do. I know I would be a wreck, especially since she is my "first" also!

Part of life's journey is travelling through the dark paths. But there will always be an end to this darkness and a new road will lead you on.

Hang in there! We're all sending positive thoughts for your little one.
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AWww Laurie, I am sending prayers for Lazlo and you. This is too horrible. I sure hope he gets better VERY soon!
Love on him as much as you can and I hope the vet finds out as soon as possible what is wrong.

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First, here's a big (((HUG))) from me to you. I know this must be hard on you.

Secondly, I am sending positive thoughts out your way and will say a special prayer for Lazlo tonight. Hope all goes well. Your vet sounds like a very caring man. I'm sure you guys are in good hands.
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Lazlo get better fast...mommy and daddy are worried to pieces! Hugs to all of you!
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Poor Lazlo, I hope he feels better soon! I am sending positive healing energy and prayers your way!!!

There's some extra help here too. Snowball is sending some special purrs and kitty kisses to help Lazlo get better!
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Laurie, I hope he gets better soon! At least you know he is getting the best possible care, and you have all of us here keeping you in our thoughts.
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Laurie...I'm so sorry I didn't see this till now...I was offline yesterday and was on for a little bit this morning, but then we had company before I got to read very many of the threads.

I am so sorry to hear about Lazlo!!!! I just said a huge prayer for him and I pray that this will turn out to only be an infection, and that the antibiodics will take care of it!!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Gary!!!! **HUGS** We love you guys so much and I will keep thinking of you until I know everything is okay. I hope I will get a chance to get online tomorrow to see how Lazlo is doing...but if not I will check in first thing Tuesday when I get home.

Hang in there, and please try not to think the worst....and if you need us, we are here for you!!!

Lazlo will be in my prayers!!!!!!!!
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Oh Thank God. And thank you guys. And thank TCS. The Board Magic is working for Lazlo, and I am so grateful.

Lazlo is doing MUCH better. I was so worried - he was just wasting away. Four days is such a long time to watch your kitty not eat, not knead, not purr - just look sick and sad - and even scared.

I don't know whether it's the "Board Magic" or the antibiotic/steroid combo - but I don't care. Actually, it's probably all of it!

After sleeping for hours yesterday, he FINALLY came out and had a couple of bites to eat. That was enough for me. For the first time in days, he looked interested in what was going on, (although didn't participate) and came over and bumped me for pets. After sleeping for a few more hours, he came out and ate again - at least a couple of teaspoonfuls - and peed! YAY!

Last night, he slept beside me on his sheepskin like normal (kneading AND purring - what a relief!), and this morning, while he still tucks up, he played, wanted breakfast (meowed for it and ate it!) - and seems to be functioning normally inside. (!!) He definitely gets tired quickly - but I guess he's fighting an infection despite having no temperature. He obviously felt better BEFORE he went to the bathroom, so I guess it has to be the antibiotics and not that he passed something the X-rays didn't see. But he is SO MUCH BETTER. Thank God, and thank you guys.

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I am so happy to hear this!!! This is great news!!!!!!

I am glad I was able to read this before I go offline, I know I was worrying about him and you, and now I feel relieved...I'm just so happy he is feeling better!!!

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! I pray that he just continues to get better, and to fight that infection until he is 100% back to normal again!!!
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Glad to hear he's doing better!
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I'm glad he's feeling better. I'll keep the little guy in my thoughts.
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Yipee!!!!! I'm so glad Lazlo is recovering!!!
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Oh, how wonderful!!!!! I'm glad Lazlo is feeling better. And I'm very glad you are feeling better, too! Give him snuggles and scritches and kitty kisses from me and Ivo!
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Laurie, I am so glad Lazlo is feeling better. What a relief this must be for you guys.

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Thats great news!! YAY!!!!
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Great news!!! So glad to hear he is feeling better!
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Well I was all ready to post saying I hope Lazlo starts to feel better soon, and what do I find!?!? This!! YEY!!! I'm glad he's doing better now!!
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Thank the Lord! I'm so glad Lazlo's doing better. I hope this continues. I know how worried your were. This is great!
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