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I am having one heck of a time with ticks this year. Poor Sneaky Pie. She's got an allergy to their bites, and she's got all of these "hot spots" where the bugs have bitten her and her skin's gotten irritated. Then she pulls out all of her fur,b/c her skin itches. I've got clumps of Sneaky fur all over the house.

Currently the cats are on Revolution. I love it, we've had no problem with fleas at all. But this medicine does NOTHING for ticks. The vet said something about using one of the other products (and I can't remember the name of it) along with the Revolution. But then I'd think the cat would get too high of a dose of flea medicine. And if I quit the revolution, then they have to get a separate medicine for heartworm, and my cats just hate taking medicine.

What else can I use to control the bugs?
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Can you not keep them inside?
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Frontline is the one that works for ticks.

Do you live in an area where heartworm is a significant risk? Feline heartworm is fairly rare. Between all of the risks of being outside, I would put heartworm pretty low on the list. I think they are more likely to contract something nasty from a tick. I would use Frontline, or try alternating each month between that and Revolution.
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