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Teddy's white whiskers GONE ((((eek))))

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Teddy with his one white eyebrow whisker

and now...........its gone aww my little man is growing up
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Still a cutie!

Alley had one white whisker from the time she was a tiny kitten until she passed last year. I think cats are supposed to shed their whiskers and grow new ones? (correct me if I'm wrong). But Alley always had a white one in the same place her whole life. My mom said it was where she stored her magic powers
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Damita has one white whisker on & off.

Teddy sure has grown! He's got that sleek "panther" look.
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OH Man!!! He is one gorgeous boy!! Look at those eyes!!!

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He is a looker
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Aw, he looks like he's posing for a lady-friend in that first picture. "Come here, baby, and let me show you my white whisker".
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heeh dont worry, it may grow back, My RB kitty white whisker used to show up in different spots( i neveer would have thought it would do that)
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Awww missing eyebrow whickers or not Teddy's still gorgeous. His coats so shiny though!. Your obviously feeding him well Ann
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He sure has become a handsome young kitty
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Teddy photos

O my, Teddy u are just get even more handsome every tme I see u, u are soo gorgeous
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What a GORGEOUS boy Teddy is!!! His eyes are so beautiful!!! No wonder he thinks he can get away with anything
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He is a beautiful cat!!
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Anyone else's cat try to eat their own whisker after it falls off (of course we don't let him -- it's super pointy at the one end)? Munchie tries to do this...almost like he doesn't want to leave any evidence or want any other cat to "use" his whisker!
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So handsome...with or without his white eyebrow!
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